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FK Barcelona

1. FK Barcelona

2. Founder FK Barcelona

Joan Gamper (22 November 1877, Winterthur,
Switzerland July 30, 1930, Barcelona, Spain), the athlete,
the founder of FC Barcelona, the player and the
President. In 1898, the Gamper was going to Africa to
learn the business of the sugar trade, but on the way
decided to visit his uncle Emily Gassert living in
Barcelona and fell in love with the Spanish city, deciding
to stay there forever. He later changed his name to the
Catholic version, Joan Gamper. Began working as an
accountant in a large railway company, and writing
sports articles for two Swiss Newspapers. Joined the local
Swiss Evangelical Church and began playing football in
the local Protestant community in the district of sarrià Sant Gervasi. The Gamper also helped publish a
magazine, Los Deportes. Responded to the
announcement by the Swiss, British and Spanish
football fans expressing their desire to become founders:
Walter Wilde, Louis Osso, Bartolomeu Terradas, Otto
Kunzle, Otto Maier, Ducal Enric, Pere Cabot, Carles
Pujol, Among Lobet and his new friends John and
William Parsons. And it started the history of the great
futbol club Barcelona.

3. Anthem FK Barcelona

The anthem of football club "Barcelona" is the Official anthem is the Song of
Barcelona is written in 1974. The authors of the text are Josep Maria Espinas
and hum Pikas, music Manuel Valls and Gorin. For the first time, the official
premiere took place on 27 November 1974, during the celebration of the 75th
anniversary of the club in the choir of St. Jordi. The very first version of the
club anthem was first performed on 18 February 1923 in unison Later Presence
at the old stadium "Les Corts" in honor of President Joan Gamper. The author
of the words was Rafael Folch-and-Capdevila, music Enrico Morera. In recent
years there have been other versions of the hymn from such artists as Serrat,
Joan Manuel, in connection with various events, for example such as the
celebration of the centenary of the club. In addition, the Council, chaired by
Joan household duties became actively involved many performers and
ensembles to adapt the hymn to the most different musical styles: pop, rock,
rap, Samba, hip hop, ska, Rumba. Traditionally, the club's anthem performed
during the exit of players on the field before the match and in case of a victory
of FC Barcelona.

4. Stadium FK Barcelona

Camp Nou the stadium of football club Barcelona. Since
its opening in 1957, the stadium belonged to the Catalan
football club was initially called Estadi del FC Barcelona
(FC Barcelona Stadium), although even then it was known
as camp Nou. Officially its current name it received in
2000. Camp Nou is the largest stadium capacity, not only
in Spain but throughout Europe: it accommodates
approximately spectators. The stadium was built, when
the presidential chair was occupied by Barcelona, Francesc
miró-sans. He promoted the project of the future camp
Nou due to the small capacity of the old stadium Camp de
Les Corts, and also due to the fact that the main
competitor of real Madrid's Estadio Chamartin was built
(now known as Santiago Bernabeu). The project of new
stadium of Barcelona was entrusted to the architect
Francesc Mitjans. The first stone was laid in March of 1953,
and the opening of the stadium took place on 24
September 1957. Since then, Barcelona parted ways with
his former stadium and began to play at the camp Nou,
which gave the thousands of fans who do not have enough
space on the Les Corts, the opportunity to visit the
matches of your favorite team. When it first opened, the
camp Nou was one of the largest and most majestic
stadiums in the world: his capacity was.

5. Emblem FK Barcelona

The emblem has the form of a "pot" is
divided into three quartely. In the top
two is played the flag of the city of
Barcelona (that is the Cross of St.
George and the flag of Catalonia). At
the bottom is a leather ball of the
sample first half of XX century on the
background of blue and maroon
stripes of the colors of the club. In the
center of the shield on a gold strip that
separates the upper and lower part of
the coat of arms, displayed the initials
of the name of the club FCB (Football
Club Barcelona).

6. The title of the Spanish Cup

Primera Division professional
football League of Spain also
known as Example, and La Liga is a
professional football tournament
top level clubs in the football
League system of Spain. La Liga is
considered one of the best football
leagues in the world. Barcelona
have won this trophy 20 times
(1928/29, 1944/45, 1947/48, 1948/49,
1951/52, 1952/53, 1958/59, 1959/60,
1973/74, 1984/85, 1990/91, 1991/92,
1992/93, 1993/94, 1997/98, 1998/99,
2004/05, 2005/06, 2008/09,

7. The title Champions League

The Champions League is the most
prestigious European club football
tournament, held annually under the
auspices of UEFA. With his first draw in
the season 1955/56 and in the 1990/91
season, the tournament was called the
European Champions Cup. In the 1991/92
season, a tournament called "Champions
League" and changed format, making
retreat from the Olympic system in the
form of the group stage. It was the first
draw of the Champions League, then the
current anthem and emblem. From the
1992/93 season onwards the tournament
got its current name. The winner for the
League/Cup became 21 different clubs, 12
of them won the tournament more than
once. The record for number of titles won
is Madrid "real Madrid (the main rival of
Barcelona)", who won 9 times. Barcelona
also won this Cup 3 times in 1992, 2006
and 2009.

8. The title of the UEFA Cup

UEFA European Cup football
tournament, which was attended
by the winners of the national Cup
competitions of the participating
countries of the UEFA. The first
draw was held in the season , the
last 1998/99. The competition was
abolished, and the clubs-the
winners of the national cups won
the right to participate in the UEFA
Cup in 2009/10 renamed the UEFA
Europa League, the second most
important European club football
tournament. Barcelona became
the champion of the UEFA Cup
four times (record) in 1979, 1982,
1989, 1997.

9. Great players FK Barcelona

In Barcelona I played a lot of great players, but I
would like to highlight, in my opinion, the two best –
Ronaldinho(Brazil) and Messi (Argentina). Ronaldo
de assis Moreira (21 March 1980, Porto Alegre, state of
Rio Grande do Sul), more commonly known as
Ronaldinho ), Brazilian football player stands at the
position of attacking midfielder and striker. Winner
of the Golden ball, given to the best player in Europe,
2005. Best player in the world by FIFA in 2004 and
2005. These achievements he received playing for
Barcelona. Messi Olympic champion 2008, world
champion among youth in 2005. Messi winner of the
Golden ball as 2009 European footballer. 19 Dec 2009
in Abu Dhabi Messi became the world champion
among clubs after scoring the winning goal in the
final match. 21 Dec Lionel Messi received another
award, the "Diamond ball", becoming the best player
of 2009 by FIFA. 10 January 2011 Lionel Messi was
named the best player in the World 2010. Messi
became the first winner of the "Golden ball FIFA"
combined prize from France Football and FIFA.

10. Head coaches FK Barcelona

During the existence of the club was replaced by 45
coaches, I'd like to tell you about some of them. Frank
Rijkaard began to lead Barcelona since the 2003-04
season. His first titles as a coach has reached, becoming
in the 2004/05 and 2005/06 Champions Spain. In the
2005/06 season he also led Barcelona to its second-ever
Champions Cup. In addition, he won two Spanish super
Cup in 2005 and 2006, Winning the UEFA Champions
League in 2006, he became the fifth of six people to
have won the Cup/Champions League as a player and as
a coach. In the same row with him are Miguel muñoz,
Giovanni Trapattoni, Johan Cruyff, Carlo Ancelotti and
Josep Guardiola. At the end of may 2008 Frank Rijkaard
was replaced by Josep Guardiola. Josep Guardiola a sixtime Spanish champion, winner of European
Champions Cup 1991/92, 1992 Olympic champion (as a
player); the best club coach of the world (2009), twotime Spanish champion, winner of Champions League
2008/09 (as a coach). Under his leadership, Barcelona
played at the moment, 169 games, 119 wins, 29 nobody
and 16 defeats.

11. The main part FK Barcelona

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