Departure board
Duty free zone
Passport control
Security check
Boarding the plane
Cabin crew
Window seat middle seat aisle seat
Overhead locker/ overhead bin 
Fasten your seatbelt
Folding tray
Take off
Life vest / jacket oxygen mask 
Emergency exit
Brace position
Descent Land
Baggage claim
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At the airport


Boarding pass /Plane ticket

2. Departure board

On time

3. Duty free zone

4. Check-in

Did you pack the bag yourself?
Has anyone interfered with your luggage?
Has anyone asked you to carry anything on board for them?
Have you left your bags unattended at any time?

5. Passport control

Have your passport (and boarding pass) ready, please.

6. Gate

- go to ______
- ________ closed
- last call / final call

7. Security check

Is there a laptop in the bag? Take it out and put it on the tray.
Have you got any coins in your pockets?
Are you wearing a belt?
Take off your boots, please.
Do you have any liquids in the bag?

8. Boarding the plane

9. Cabin crew


10. Window seat middle seat aisle seat

Window seat
middle seat
Can I have a _______________ seat, please?
aisle seat

11. Overhead locker/ overhead bin 

Overhead locker/ overhead bin
carry-on luggage
hand luggage

12. Fasten your seatbelt

13. Folding tray

- full upright position

14. Take off

15. Life vest / jacket oxygen mask 

Life vest / jacket
- inflate outside the aircraft
- blow the whistle to attrack attention
oxygen mask

16. Emergency exit

- Locate the _____________________ closest to you

17. Brace position

18. Descent Land

Dear passengers, we have just begun our …..
Dear passengers, the plane has just __________, please, remain seated.

19. Baggage claim

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