The King Of Horror
Education and Early Career
Becoming Famous
Richard Bachman
Some facts about Stephen King

Stiven Кing. The king of horror


2. The King Of Horror

3. Childhood

"going to buy a pack
of cigarettes“
Durham Elementary
School and Lisbon
Falls High School
King has been writing
since an early age

4. Education and Early Career

the University of
Maine at Orono
He and his family
lived in a trailer
"Come on, Steve,
think of a monster."

5. Becoming Famous

One of his first ideas
was of a young girl with
psychic powers
King had based the
alcoholic father in The
Shining on himself
King sought help and
quit all forms of drugs
and alcohol in the late

6. Richard Bachman

An author of horror
Having published five
novels, Bachman "died"
in 1985
«What is done by night
appears by day»

7. Some facts about Stephen King

He doesn’t use the
mobile phone
He likes the dog
Snoopy and often
mentions it in his
His daughter, Naomi is
married with a woman
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