My favorite book
The Invisible Man
A little about the book
Author of the book

My favorite book

1. My favorite book

Prepared by a student of class 8-A

2. The Invisible Man

Author: Herbert George Wells
Genre: novel
General Features: Priklyuchenchiskoe, psychological
Plot lines: Inventions and scientific research
The linearity of the plot: Linear
The characters of the novel: Griffin - the scientist and the
protagonist of the story, Dr. Kemp, a drifter Marvel

3. A little about the book

Griffin's career develops not the best
way. The brilliant scientist, he
discovered a way of becoming invisible.
But the fear that his discovery will
appropriate Griffin keep it a secret .
However, the lack of money soon pushes
it on the first offense . He robs his
father took away his people's money .
Because of that, his father commits
suicide . Griffin decides to run for it and
it becomes invisible . Becoming invisible
, Griffin feels a lot of inconvenience .
But his eye falls shop that sells make-up
accessories . Its owner - the hunchback
, whose Invisible ties in a sheet and
makes it impossible to escape. Then
Griffin ignites house, destroying all their
products , then leaves . Now we must
learn to move from the invisible into
the visible condition that can not be

4. Author of the book

Herbert George Wells english writer,
a classic of science fiction. He was
born on September 21, 1866 in
Bromley. 1888 - graduated from the
London universitet.Vo the 2-nd
World War, spoke in support of the
Soviet Union. 1942 - Doctor of
Biology. Died August 13, 1946 in
Among the works - novels, novellas,
short stories, articles - "The Time
Machine" (1895, an attempt to prove
that the development of society in
the framework of the bourgeois
system will end the degeneration
and death of mankind), "The Island
of Dr. Moreau" (1896), "Wheel of
Fortune" (1896 ), "The Invisible Man"
(1897), "War of the Worlds" (1898).


I really enjoyed
this book
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