General knowledge of Singapore
Prime Minister of Singapore and his background
Economics of Singapore
Foreign relations of Singapore
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1. Singapore

2. General knowledge of Singapore

Official Language – English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil
Ethnic groups – Chinese (75%), Malay (15%), Indian (9%), Others (1%)
Location – South East Asia

3. Prime Minister of Singapore and his background

Lee Hsien Loong
Born in 10th February in 1952
Graduated at Trinity College, University of Cambridge
Political Party : People’s Action Party
Preceded by Goh Chok Tong

4. Economics of Singapore

5. Foreign relations of Singapore

Member of United Nation (UN), Commonwealth, Association of
Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Non- Aligned Movement
Close to China, United Kingdom, India and South East Asia Countries
Friendly with most of the country in the world.

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