Mountаin Everest
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Mountаineering Everest

1. Mountаin Everest

2. Geology

Situated in the Himalayas , in the ridge Mahalangur Himal ( the part called
Khumbu Himal - ) . South summit ( 8760 m) lies on the border of Nepal and
Tibet Autonomous Region (China ) , North (main ) summit ( 8848 m) is
located on the territory of China .
At the top of Chomolungma are strong winds blowing with a speed up to 55
m / s . The air temperature is lowered at night to -60 ° C.

3. Animals

Even high in the sky , where the thin air is very difficult to breathe , we can
not hide from the spiders, more commonly known as Himalayan jumping
spider , hiding in cracks and corners of the slopes of Everest , so they are
among the creatures living at the highest altitudes in the world .

4. mountaineering

Everest, being the highest peak of the world, has long attracted a lot of
attention climbers regularly carried out numerous attempts to climbing on
top of this. Climbing Mount Everest in order to reach the highest point of
the mountain are characterized by exceptional difficulties and sometimes
end with the death of Sturm
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