At the moment there are 24055 students
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The university of Edinburgh




Edinburgh University,
founded in 1583, is an
renowned educational
and research center.
The university is on
the UNESCO World
Heritage List - many of
the Old Town buildings
belong to the
University or are
associated with it


In 1582, King James VI
signed the Royal Charter
on the foundation of the
university, which was quite
unusual - at that time most
universities were founded
by papal bulls. Even more
unusual is the University of
Edinburgh is that its funds
for its foundation were
allocated from the city
budget. It can be argued
that Edinburgh University
became the first secular


Currently, the university is
popular with applicants who
have already decided where
to study: every year it takes
over forty thousand
applications for admission.
Despite the high payment,
only one entrant from 12
applicants can become a
student of a Scottish high
school. This attractiveness is
based on the confidence of
graduates in obtaining highquality higher education and
further career growth.


University structure Currently, the
University of Edinburgh consists of
three colleges, which, in turn, are
divided into many faculties. All
directions have a modern laboratory
base and apply advanced methods of
teaching students, which is famous for
Edinburgh University. The faculties of
this educational institution have
gained fame as the most advanced in
terms of methodology and methods of
presenting materials. The diploma of
the Scottish University is recognized all
over the world, and its graduates can
not worry about their future:
according to various estimates, about
94% of bachelors and masters who
graduated from Scotland universities
find work in their specialty within six
months after receiving the diploma.
The three main areas of study
are: the College of Social and
Human Sciences. College of
Natural and Engineering
Sciences. School of business.
College of Medicine and
Veterinary Medicine.


The university campus
occupies a large number of
historical buildings located in
the Old Town and having a
historical heritage. Mostly
there are faculties that do not
require significant equipment
for laboratory research, such
as humanitarian, sociological,
etc. New university buildings
are built in blocks that do not
have historical status and
allow the construction of
modern buildings and equip
them with the most advanced
scientific devices.


Edinburgh University
has more than 6,000
places for students to
live. He guarantees a
place in the hostel for
all students enrolled in
the first year.

8. At the moment there are 24055 students

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