The University of Edinburgh
History of the University
Some facts about…
University´s Buildings…
Famous students…
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The University of Edinburgh

1. The University of Edinburgh

2. History of the University

The university was established by a Royal Charter
granted by James VI in 1582.
It is one of Scotland´s ancient universities and is also
the 6th oldest university in England.
At first it was founded as a College, but then it was
renamed into the University of Edinburgh.

3. Some facts about…

The university is situated in Edinburgh which is the capital
of Scotland.
University´s campus


The University of Edinburgh is arranged into
three academic colleges. These are the colleges
of Humanities and Social Science; Science and
Engineering; and Medicine and Veterinary
Medicine. Each college is composed of different


there are such schools as:
Biological Sciences, School of
• Business School
Chemistry, School of
• Divinity, School of
Economics, School of
• Edinburgh College of Art
Edinburgh Medical School
• Education, The Moray House School of
Engineering, School of
• GeoSciences, School of
Health in Social Science, School of
…And so on


The university provides its students
with all academic, residential and
social needs.
To address a student's health needs,
the university offers a health centre
which provides antenatal,
contraceptive, psychiatric, and
physiotherapeutic services.

7. University´s Buildings…

The university is expanded its campus into seven
main buildings:
The Chancellor's Building
The Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies
Central Area
New College
The King's Buildings
Pollock Halls
Moray House School of Education




Student Facilities:
o Over 30 libraries, including 20 departmental
libraries offering tailored and in-depth specialist
o 600,000 electronic books and 20,000 electronic
journals, which can be accessed remotely at any time.


Edinburgh University Students' Association (EUSA) offers student
support through trained advisers, free and confidential advice,
volunteering opportunities and student representation.
EUSA supports over 260 student societies and 63 sports clubs.
EUSA runs 10 bars and three nightclubs, including the city's biggest
student nightclub, which has a state-of-the-art lighting and sound
system and a capacity of 1,000.
EUSA is home to the world’s oldest purpose-built student union,
Teviot Row House.

12. Famous students…

The university has produced graduates who have been successful in the
fields of science and literature. Some of the university's notable
graduates include Alexander Graham Bell (inventor of the telephone),
Arthur Conan Doyle (creator of the fictional character Sherlock Holmes),
Charles Darwin (scientist who proposed the theories of Evolution and
Natural Selection), Robert Louis Stevenson (author of Treasure Island).
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