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My idol this is Sergio Ramos


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My idol this is Sergio Ramos


Name:Sergio Ramos García
Date of birth: 30 March 1986
Age: 31 years
Place of birth: Camas, Sevilla,
• Growth: 183
• Activities: football defender,
captain of the Spanish club
"Real Madrid" and the Spanish
national team
• Marital status: civil marriage


• In his youth, the head of the family was playing in the first team of
local Seville football team, but because of the knee injury from the
dream to turn a hobby into a career the man refused. When his
youngest son became interested in football, the Pope, in spite of
financial difficulties, was attached to a beloved 12-year-old child in
FC "Alevin". Since then, the boy himself began to give a new hobby.
• From the biography of the athlete is known that after the signing of
the 2004 contract with “Sevilla” Sergio due to lack of time to study
left school. The coveted high school diploma Sergio got when in
2014 passed last exams


Football career Sergio Ramos
• Footballer Sergio Ramos for ten years, acts as a
defender for the Spanish national team. As a 19-year-old
athlete, Sergio joined the main squad of real Madrid. In
this career the Spaniard began to develop rapidly.
• Sergio Ramos in a small town in Spain. To play football,
the young man began, unlike many contemporary
football stars, in a rather late age of 14. As noted by the
player himself, the first field was a wasteland of stones.
• At the age of 15, Sergio went on view in one of the local
football clubs. Despite little experience, the athlete has
successfully proved itself as a defender and soon
became a permanent player of the youth team of Sevilla.



• In 2005 Sergio became part of
the Spanish national team.
Only 18 years old the player
was instructed to defend the
honor of the whole country at
the most prestigious sporting
events. Starting on the
replacement, Ramos soon
firmly took its place as a
defender of the Spanish team.


• Not surprisingly, the best soccer
clubs in the world offered a lot of
money for the purchase of the
athlete. Among those wishing to
see in your part of Sergio Ramos,
"Manchester United", "Barcelona".
In the end, the player twenty seven
million Euro has gained "real". The
player himself says that at the time
when he signed the contract with
"real", for it overturned the whole
world. Now it will be in the same
locker room with those who
yesterday were his idols. At that
time Sergio was only 19 years old,
he had virtually no experience and
wanted a big and beautiful football.


Personal life of Sergio Ramos
• Sergio Ramos met with Telecinco
reporter Lara Alvarez broke up July
7, the gap Sergio said on the
• Since September 2012 meets with
journalist Pilar Rubio. Pilar's older
than Sergio by 8 years. 12 Nov
2013 in one of the social networks,
the pair has announced they will
become parents.
• May 6, 2014 Sergio Ramos son
was born. The boy named Sergio
Ramos Rubio Jr. In may 2015, the
pair announced that they will
become parents for the second
• November 15, 2015 was born the
second boy — Marco.
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