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Football is not just a game, it is
useful for the body and mind,
for developing logical thinking,
developing a strategy and the
ability to apply it in a stressful
situation. If a person begins to
engage in this sport
professionally, they
automatically need to develop a
huge number of qualities, such
as dexterity, good reaction, and
the ability to make the right
Therefore, my favorite
athlete has such a
profession. He is a
football player. And he is
Cristiano Ronaldo dos
Santos Aveiro.


Cristiano was born on February 5, 1985 in Funchal, Portugal.
The passion for football in the biography of Cristiano Ronaldo
manifested itself in childhood. In 1993, Cristiano began playing
for the Andorinha team, then in 1995 for the Nasunal club. A
further career step among youth clubs in the biography of
Cristiano Ronaldo was the signing of a contract with sporting.
For one season, Cristiano Ronaldo in the biography managed to play in the reserve
and main team of the sporting team. He also played for the Portuguese national
team at the European youth championship.
After the 2003 sporting – Manchester United game, the talented player was noticed
by coach Alex Ferguson. He signed a contract (transfer – 12.24 million pounds) with
Cristiano when the 2002-2003 season was over. Since 2003, Ronaldo has been
playing for Manchester United. In the same year, he joined the national team.


In his first season with the team in
2003-2004, Ronaldo scored 6 goals, in
the season 2004-2005 – 9, 2005-2006 –
12. Then his figures were
significantly increased, in the
season 2006-2007, he brought the
team 23 goals, in 2007-2008 – 42.
Manchester won The Premier
League in 2006-2007, 2007-2008, the
FA Cup in 2004, the League Cup in
2006, 2009. The team also won the
UEFA Champions League in 2008,
the FA super Cup in 2007, 2008, and
the club world Cup in 2008. For his
biography Cristiano Ronaldo twice
became the best football player in
England, in 2008 he became the best
football player, striker according to
UEFA, the best football player in the
world, Europe. Cristiano also has
many other significant awards and
titles. Now, with a height of 183 cm,
the player weighs 83 kg, and in the
team plays in the position of
extreme midfielder.


Cristiano Ronaldo's eldest
son, Cristiano Jr.,
celebrated his 8th
birthday this year. The
boy was born under
mysterious circumstances,
we only know that,
according to the famous
football player, he is from
a surrogate mother.
Cristiano Jr. is also an
avid fan of football, and
although he is not yet
trained in any of the
sports schools, still, his
father's genes take their
He plays football and makes
good progress. Interestingly,
the boy's idol is not his father,
but another equally popular
football player — the
Argentine Leonel Messi.


One of the twins, Cristiano Ronaldo's son MATEO, was born in 2017. The
famous Portuguese football player again used surrogacy. It is not known
who is the surrogate mother of the twins, only that she is Mexican.
The athlete's mother supports her son, and is also insanely happy that she has so
many grandchildren. Recall that Cristiano Ronaldo was born and raised in a poor
family with many children, but his parents tried to make sure that the children did
not need anything. Some people think that all these children of the Portuguese
football player – another opportunity to promote, on the other hand, Cristiano
Ronaldo does not need PR, because his name is already on everyone's lips


The second twin, Cristiano
Ronaldo's daughter Eva, is now
one year old. The public is still at
a loss why a world-famous
football player needed the
services of surrogate mothers,
and twice. What is the point,
both the press and fans of the
athlete are trying to understand.
After all, he is a young, rich,
famous and beautiful athlete,
who would agree to give birth to
children of tens of thousands of
girls who are pining for him.
Although, most likely, it's just
the same in the girl he was
looking for so long and with
whom he wanted to have
children. Fans are fans, and true
love, especially for such a famous
person, is a delicate matter.


Cristiano Ronaldo's wife, Georgina Rodriguez, is not officially married yet,
but the Spanish model's engagement ring has long been noticed by the
press. Well, perhaps in the near future, one of the most desirable male
athletes of our time will say goodbye to the status of a bachelor.
Georgina Rodriguez is 10 years younger than the football player, but this does not
interfere with their happiness and young family. It is known that the girl is engaged
in modeling, after meeting Cristiano Ronaldo became very popular and got millions
of subscribers in social networks. News number one was the news that Cristiano
Ronaldo's girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez is pregnant.


Cristiano Ronaldo today:


Cristiano Ronaldo today:
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