Convenience of modern technology
Glasses of reality

Modern technology

1. Technology

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2. Convenience of modern technology

Do not need to carry a lot of money,
just take a phone or a bank card. You
will bring the phone to termenal and
account is removed your money.

3. Glasses of reality

Unreal world can you will seen with
your own eyes and plunge into the
place where you are not, it’s very

4. Drone

Shoots video at a distance.



The iPhone, which debuted in 2007,
transformed the phone by turning it into a
tiny, mobile computer. Though other
touchscreen phones had come before it, the
iPhone's sleek interface revolutionized
mobile phone design.

7. Questions:

1. what did you like most of all?
2. are you used the drone?
3. what are you do use phone?
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