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English folk music


You know, my friend, the music is so that the
outside world ceases to exist and is nothing
more than the
sounds that hit you right in the heart.
Gaston Leroux's "Phantom of the


English folk music includes both traditional English music,
so different genres on its basis and often echoes the spiritual
and later - with the non-academic music.
An important part of English folk music songs are marine Shanti.


Youth self-confident, and there is no rookie,
who would not dream
of becoming a general.
And yet, one can almost say with certainty
that it is unlikely
in the distant from us in 1948
18-year-old English trombonist Donald
Christopher (Chris) Barber, collecting
his first group, thought that the
time would come when his name will be
one of the Symbol English jazz


Limbo British blues took place in London
in the mid 20th century, when this musical
genre was considered a priority black musicians.
The organizers of the
first British blues band "Blues Incorporated"
steel Alexis Korner and Cyril Davies, who
initiated the formation of a new stylistic musical
direction, known as rhythm and blues.


Country translated to English - Country of country
music-literally rural music. This is the most
common type of North American folk music,
which by its popularity is not a bit inferior
to POP-music. Guitar, violin, banjo are the
main musical instruments of country music


Reggae - one of the national forms of pop music.
Roots reggae - folk music of Jamaica, as well as
rhythm and blues. This alloy originated in the 60s,
when Jamaican musicians have tried to
reproduce in his own New Orleans rhythm and blues,
which was heard on the radio.


British rock band 70-80-xx was represented
by numerous strong teams.
Stand on two continents bands like
Pink Floyd, Queen, Free, Bad Company.


Electronic music (from the English. Electronic
music, in common parlance
as "electronics") - a genre
designating music created
using electronic musical instruments
and electronic equipment.


Rap in its present form
emerged in the 1970s among
African Americans Bronx district,
where his "exported" visiting Jamaican deejays.


"Pop" is short for "popular", ie "People."
In one form or another,
the presence of the very first folk songs,
popular music has always existed in England.


And the king of pop music has always been Michael Jackson.
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