Science Fiction
What is Science Fiction?
Familiar Science Fiction
What do these stories all have in common?
Sci Fi vs. Fantasy
History of Childhood’s End
Sci Fi Elements in Childhood’s End
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Science Fiction. Genre and Concerns

1. Science Fiction

Genre and Concerns

2. What is Science Fiction?

Science fiction is a writing style which
combines science and fiction.
It is only limited by what we presently know
about the basic physical laws of nature.
It evolved as a response to fantasy.

3. Familiar Science Fiction

Star Wars
Star Trek
2001: A Space Odyssey
Independence Day
I, Robot
Men in Black
The Matrix
Jurassic Park

4. What do these stories all have in common?

Setting: the future
Advanced technology:
genetic engineering, intelligent robots,
experimental medicine
Concerned with outer space:
aliens, space travel, other planets and solar systems

5. Sci Fi vs. Fantasy

Science fiction is
based in fact: some
of the technology is
invented, some of
the places are
made up, but all of
it is conceivable.
Fantasy is not based
in reality: it is purely

6. History of Childhood’s End

Author: Arthur C. Clarke
-renowned Science Fiction author
Published in 1953
-On the brink of the Space Race
-The end of the British Empire and Colonialism
-Pre-Civil Rights Movement
-The first color TV went on sale in the US for $1,175
-New York introduced the first 3-color stop lights

7. Sci Fi Elements in Childhood’s End

Setting: the future
- the beginning of the 21st century
-50 years later, the middle of the 21st C
Concern with Outer Space:
-Humans have been to the moon; haven’t yet traveled
the whole solar system
Advanced Technology:
-advanced communications, speedy travel
Paranormal Phenomena
-ESP and psychic experiences, the Ouija board,
The Overmind
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