Diapositivo 1
You know me in the present…
Now see how I am in the past…
Diapositivo 4
Diapositivo 5
Diapositivo 6
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Past simple to be

1. Diapositivo 1

2. You know me in the present…

3. Now see how I am in the past…

4. Diapositivo 4

5. Diapositivo 5

I was
I was not
You were
You were not / You were not
He was
She was
It was
He was not
She was not
It was not
We were
You were
They were
We were not / We weren’t
You were not / You weren’t
They were not / They weren’t
I wasn’t
/ He wasn’t
/ She wasn’t
/ It wasn’t

6. Diapositivo 6

Was I ...?
Yes, I was
No, I wasn’t
Were you ...?
Yes, you were
No, you weren’t
Was he ...?
Was she ...?
Was it ...?
Yes, he was
Yes, she was
Yes, it was
No, he wasn’t
No, she wasn’t
No, it wasn’t
Were we ...?
Were you ...?
Were they ...?
Yes, we were
Yes, you were
Yes, they were
No, we weren’t
No, you weren’t
No, they weren’t
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