Idioms with parts of the body
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Idioms with parts of the body

1. Idioms with parts of the body

Abayeva Madina

2. Ears

• To bend someone’s ear
• Meaning:  To talk to someone for a long time and
bore and annoy them
• Example:  Peter is bending Mary’s ear about
something. Poor her!
• To go in one ear and out the other
• Meaning: To forget some information immediately
because we didn’t pay attention to it properly.
• Example: She told me what I had to buy, but it went
in one ear and out the other


• To fall on deaf ears
• Meaning: To be unheard,
ignored by the person we is
supposed to be listening
• Example: I asked my boss for
a pay rise , but my request fell
on deaf ears. I never got it.
• Someone’s ears are burning
• Meaning: To talk about
someone, or to think the
people are talking about you
• Example:  We have been
talking about you for the last
half an hour. Are your ears

4. Teeth

• To have a sweet tooth
• Meaning:  To like sweet food
• Example: I like candy and cakes. I really have a
sweet tooth.
• To be pulling teeth
• Meaning: To be very difficult
• Example: I finally managed to finish the Science
project, but it was like pulling teeth.


• Down to a gnat’s eyebrow
• Meaning: Very thoroughly, with a lot of detail / 
• Example: He described the room down to a gnat’s
• EYE(S)
• To turn a blind eye
• Meaning: To ignore, to not do anything about something
Example:. My mum knows I’m untidy, but she turns a blind
eye to it.


• To be in the eye of the storm
• Meaning: To be involved in something which is of
public importance
• Example: Building business  are in the eye of the
storm  during the crisis.
To open someone’s eyes
Meaning:  To make someone realize
the truth,  make someone aware of
Example:  Your wife is lying to you, please, open
your eyes.


To be up to one’s eyes
Meaning: to be very busy
Example: I can’t help you right now.
I am to my eyes in work.
• To have eyes glued to something or
• Meaning: To watch something or
• someone for very long
• Example: She had her eyes glued to
the TV screen for three hours.

8. Head

• To bite someone's head of
• If you bite someone's head of, you criticize
them strongly (and perhaps unfairly).
• I worked 10 hours a day all week and my
boss bit my head of for not doing my share
of the work!
• To bang head against brick wall
• If you bang your head against a brick wall,
you continue vainly to try and achieve
something in spite of several unsuccessful
• I've been banging my head against a brick
wall trying to explain the internet to my
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