Travel around the world

Travel around the world

1. Travel around the world


I want to travel the world. To see the most
interesting and popular of the city. But I will show
you only three cities where I want to go. This is
Bora Bora, Milan and Venice.


I want to go to Bora Bora ? Because this Paradise
island in the South Pacific ocean. This is the most distant
and famous resort in the world . This place is a Paradise for
vacationers and for those who love tranquility and the ocean.


is a large city in Northern Italy, located in Lombardy,
the world capital of design and fashion. Here is the stock
exchange of Italy, so the city is also considered the financial
center of the country. Milan is famous for its luxury
restaurants and boutiques.


– the capital of the eponymous region in Northern
Italy. Here no roads, the movement is only along the channels.
The bustling Grand canal. Along it there are many palaces in
Gothic and Renaissance style. St. Mark's square – the main
city. Here is St. Mark's Basilica, decorated with mosaics in the
Byzantine style, and the bell tower which offers a view of the
red rooftops of the city.
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