My favourite film-Titanic 
The main characters
Stills from the film
My impression of the film
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My favourite film


Municipal educational institution
secondary school №1
The project.
On the topic:«My favourite film»
Student: Vostrikova L.A
Teacher: Stasenko E. A

2. My favourite film-Titanic 

My favourite film-Titanic
“Titanic” was released in
1997. It was directed, written
and produced by James
This film is known around
the world as a drama.
Awards: award «Best film»;
Oscar in 11 categories.
In 2017, the film was
selected for preservation in
the National register of USA


The Titanic set off on its first and last trip to
America before completing it. The ship sailed
from Southampton in Britain to new York. At
the time Titanic was the largest ship afloat…

4. The main characters

The film stars
Leonardo DiCaprio
and Kate Winslet.
After this film
Leonardo DiCaprio’s
stage career soared.
Both actors got to be
famous all over the

5. Titanic 

The film is based on the true story of Titanic, a huge
passenger liner which wrecked during its first journey
across the Atlantic.
The film tells us a story of two people, Rose and Jack,
who fell in love with each other on shipboard. Rose
belonged to a high-class society, while Jack was a
penniless artist who won his ticket in a card game.
Their troubles began when others found out about this
love affair. Despite everyone and everything Rose and
Jack stood by each other and resisted obeying the rules
and boundaries of class differentiation…

6. Stills from the film

7. My impression of the film

Great acting of main characters is striking
The soundtrack is gorgeous.
The main parts in the film are played by young
actors Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet.
To my mind their acting is superb. The
camerawork is fantastic, too. I’ve heard that they
made a full-size model of the “Titanic” for this


It’s a very spectacular film. It is also a moving love-story. I advise
all my friends to see “Titanic”. The film was awarded 11 Oscars
and I’m sure it deserves every one of them.
I suggest to see this movie for all those who love drama
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