Social movements «DoBro»
1. General provisions 2. The purpose of the project
3. Objective
4. Target audience
5. Areas of work of the project
6. Expected results
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Social movements «DoBro»

1. Social movements «DoBro»

2. 1. General provisions 2. The purpose of the project

Volunteering is quite common and popular social activity today. The existence
of such a Department in the public organization, which unites volunteer
centers of Universities and Colleges, which may, if necessary, to regulate the
work of volunteer organizations and to solve arising in this branch of the
problem. The creation of the special status of volunteer and volunteer center
will facilitate the cooperation of volunteer centers. The creation of a unified
system of communication between the volunteer centers of higher education
in Moscow will allow to create the General register of the students '
involvement in volunteer activities.
The goal is to Create social movements that will become the link between the
volunteer center/nonprofit organizations and bodies of the Executive power.

3. 3. Objective

3.1. Public movement “Dobro"
3.1.1. The creation of a social movement.
3.1.2. Presentation
3.1.3. Drawing up a plan of activities and events
3.2. Development program of the volunteer centers of higher education among
themselves with social movements and organizations;
3.3. Meeting with representatives of institutions and assets of volunteer centres;
3.4. Create volunteer projects ("Volunteering in educational organizations"; for
example, carrying out quests, etc.);
3.5. Consideration of the possibility of creating a software package that allows you to
cooperate and engage in volunteer activities without establishing a legal entity;
3.6. The development of teaching materials to help the aspiring volunteer
organization starting volunteer centre.
3.7. The creation of a "platform for open dialogue" between volunteers, volunteer
associations and blagopoluchiye (organizers of events where volunteers are

4. 4. Target audience

4.1. Universities of Moscow.
4.2. Public enterprises in the field of youth and volunteer activities.
4.3. Organizations that recruit volunteers for its events
4.4. Citizens interested in volunteering.

5. 5. Areas of work of the project

5.1. Volunteering in educational institutions.
The main idea of our project is to promote the creation and consolidation of
volunteer centres of the universities located in Moscow into a single social
movement that will serve as a bridge between disparate student projects,
volunteer centres/organisations and the authorities of the city of Moscow.
5.2. Volunteering in museums.
Museum collections require constant maintenance and care. The management of
museums in addressing these issues. As their capabilities.
We offer a range of activities in the framework of the project:
1. Assistance to NGOs (investors, sponsors, etc.) for the maintenance and
restoration of Museum archives (funds);
2. Development of a software package for the creation of NGOs in museums;
2. Help (tips) in the organization of NGOs and the further formal involvement of

6. 6. Expected results

The result of the implementation of the project will be a social movement that
will be the link between disparate student projects, volunteer
centres/organisations and the authorities of the city of Moscow.
6.1. The involvement of all Universities in volunteer activities
6.1.1. In Moscow we counted 97 Schools. Volunteer centers identified in 32
Universities. 65 Universities, volunteer centers are missing or their work is
insignificant, or not as advertised.
6.2. Create your own designs.
6.3. Create a (training) educational/training materials for volunteers
6.4. The creation of (training) materials for the “blagopoluchie” about creating
their own NGOs and ways of raising funds and volunteers.
6.5. The number of references in the network (hashtags, links, reposts)
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