Pregnancy and childbirth
When do the symptoms start?
Stages of labor
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Pregnancy and childbirth

1. Pregnancy and childbirth

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• Pregnancy, or
gestation, is a period
of approximately 9
months when a
woman carries an
embryo or fetus in her
• There are three stages
of pregnancy are
known as trimesters.
Each one lasts
approximately 3

3. When do the symptoms start?

• Though it may sound odd, first week of pregnancy is based on
the date of woman’s last menstrual period. The last menstrual
period is considered the first week of pregnancy, even if a
woman wasn’t actually pregnant yet. The expected delivery
date is calculated using the first day of last period. For that
reason, the first few weeks where the woman may not have
symptoms also count toward the 40-week pregnancy.


Signs and symptoms
mild cramping and spotting
missed period
tingling or aching breasts
frequent urination
motion sickness
mood swings
temperature changes
high blood pressure
extreme fatigue and heartburn
faster heartbeat
breast and nipple changes
noticeable weight gain
pregnancy glow
Timeline (from missed period)
week 1 to 4
week 4
week 4 or 5
week 4 to 6
week 4 to 6
week 4 to 6
week 4 to 6
week 5 to 6
week 6
week 6
week 8
week 9
week 8 to 10
week 11
week 11
week 11
week 12

5. Labor

• When the woman is ready to have a baby, she'll
go through labor. Labor is the process of giving
birth. Signs that future mother might be going
into labor include
• Contractions that are regular then start to come
closer together
• Leaking fluid or bleeding from the vagina
• Low, dull backache
• Abdominal cramps

6. Stages of labor

• Labor happens in three stages.
• The first stage begins with contractions. It
continues until the cervix has become thinner and
dilated (stretched) to about 4 inches wide.
• The second stage is the active stage, in which
woman begins to push downward. Crowning is
when the baby's scalp comes into view. Shortly
afterward, the baby is born.
• In the third stage, mother delivers the placenta.
The placenta is the organ that supplied food and
oxygen to the baby during pregnancy.

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