Hobby in Britain
Angling and football
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Hobby in Britain

1. Hobby in Britain

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• For a British hobby - not just a hobby, but an opportunity
to show your skills in a favorite business. This is the only
way to demonstrate your individuality, attract attention
to yourself and openly boast of your successes. The
British are most likely to talk about what they do at their
leisure, and not about family, work, films or television
• In Britain, people have more fun, hobbies and interests
outside everyday business.

3. Gardening

• The most important occupation of the British is
gardening. Regardless of profession, education, social
status, age and position in society.
• Gardening for a Briton is more than a hobby, even more
than a passion.
• In no other country will you find such well-groomed
gardens, parks, lawns and lawns.

4. Collecting

• The second most popular hobby of the British is their love
for collecting. They collect everything from old cars to
thimbles. A large number of people collect stamps, coins.
There are collectors of ancient carpentry tools, unusual
kitchen utensils, door handles. For the sake of
replenishing his collection the Briton is ready to spend his
fortune and even risk his reputation.

5. Pets

• The third main and favorite British hobby is pets. Pets are
more than a hobby. It's a way of life. Pets in British
families have a higher position than children.

6. Angling and football

• The most popular national sport is fishing, which the
British always call "angling". It can be called a national
sport that divides popularity with football.


• They are fond of the British and basketball, golf, rugby,
swimming, do competitions for them. A lot of time is
given to horseback riding, alpinism, sailing, well, and

8. Cricket

• Also, cricket for the British is more than a game. Cricket is
a sport that uses a bat and ball. They play it every Sunday.
Everyone considers this game a national form of summer


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