Order of adjectives
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Order of adjectives


2. Order of adjectives

1. Opinion – pretty,smart,cheap,lovely
2.Size – big,tall,large,small,tiny
3. Age – young,old,new
4. Shape – round,square,circle,oval,thin,slim
5. Colour – yellow, green,red,pink
6. Origin –American,Asian, English
7. Material –cotton, wooden,plastic, woolen
8. Noun


Write your name vertically down the left- hand side of a sheet,
writing each letter separately. Try to think of a self-descriptive
word (adjective) or phrase that matches each letter of your name.
M – modest
A - active
L - leader
I - intelligent
K - kind
A – adorable
Then write a descriptive paragraph about yourself. Use the
words which you wrote. Share your writing in the class.
Example :
My name is Malika. I am an intelligent young girl with a modest
behavior. My friends like me, because I am a very kind person,
who helps others. I am also a leader, who can be active
everywhere. I love my parents and I am adorable by them.
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