My idol - Ronaldo de Assis Moreira
this was not given to a footballer
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My idol - Ronaldo de Assis Moreira

1. My idol - Ronaldo de Assis Moreira


Ronaldo de Assis
Moreira; March 21, 1980,
Porto Alegre, Rio
Grande do Sul, Brazil),
better known as
Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho
and Ronaldinho Gausho
[3] Ronaldinho Gaúcho,
a Brazilian footballer,
acted on the position of
attacking midfielder and
striker. Now - the
official ambassador of
the club "Barcelona". The
owner of the "Golden
Ball" (2005), awarded to
the best football player
in Europe. The best
footballer of the world
according to FIFA 2004
and 2005.


Ronaldo de Assis
Moreira is an
incredible person.
he could from
nothing make a
gorgeous goal. his
tricks were
fascinated by
millions of people
around the world.
not for nothing
that he was


Nani: "Cristiano
is the best player
Examples, and
Ronaldinho is the
best in history.
Frank Lampard:
"This guy is on a
different level!«
"Nobody can
compare with

5. this was not given to a footballer

In the 2005/2006
season on
November 19,
Ronaldinho scored
a double against
Madrid's Real
Madrid at the
Bernabéu, at the
end of the game,
when the Brazilian
was going to
replace him, he
was applauded by
the fans of the
Royal Club


Ronaldinho showed
me all the delights
of playing football,
how beautiful he is.
he won in this sport
all that every
footballer wants.
Ronaldinho won
three main trophies:
the gold ball, the
Champions League
cup, the World


he is the one that I loved football with all my
heart . He is my idol
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