My idol - athlete
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My idol - athlete

1. My idol - athlete

Almeeva Liana
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The athlete, who I have great
respect - a legend of
wrestling Buvaysar Saitiev.
Buvaysar Khamidovich Saitiev
(b. March 11, 1975 in
Khasavyurt, Dagestan ASSR,
RSFSR, USSR) - Russia's
freestyle wrestler, three-time
Olympic champion, six-time
world champion, six-time
European champion, five-time
Russian champion, seventime winner of Krasnoyarsk
tournament Ivan Yarygin ,
winner of the Goodwill
Games, Honored Master of
sports of Russia (1995).


Olympic Games:
Gold Atlanta in 1996 to
74 kg
Gold Athens 2004 to
74 kg
Gold Beijing 2008do
74 kg


world Championships:
Gold Atlanta in 1995 to 74 kg
Gold Krasnoyarsk in 1997 to 76 kg
Gold Tehran in 1998 to 76 kg
Gold Sofia in 2001 to 76 kg
Gold in New York in 2003 to 74 kg
Gold Budapest in 2005 to 74 kg
European Championships:
Gold Budapest 1996 to 74 kg
Gold Warsaw in 1997 to 76 kg
Gold Bratislava in 1998 to 85 kg
Gold Budapest in 2000 to 76 kg
Gold Budapest in 2001 to 76 kg
Gold Moscow 2006 to 74 kg


Russian Championships:
Gold St. Petersburg in 2000 to 76 kg
Silver Yakutsk in 2002 to 74 kg
Gold Cherkessk in 2003 to 74 kg
Gold St. Petersburg in 2004 to 74 kg
Silver Moscow 2007 to 74 kg
Gold St. Petersburg in 2008 to 74kg


Five times admitted to FILA the best wrestlers in the
world (1996, 1997, 1998, 2003, 2005). It is a fivetime champion of Russia.
He is currently the captain of the Russian national
team in freestyle wrestling and a member of the
Council for Physical Culture and Sports under the
President of the Russian Federation.
Lieutenant Colonel of the Armed Forces of Russia.
Height 183 cm.
May 26, 2009 Buvaysar said the end of his athletic
July 27, 2011 in sports publications it was reported
that the athlete intends to resume his career and to
perform at the 2012 Olympics in London. As a result,
in early 2012 Buvaysar decided not to try to qualify
for the Games in London.


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