Samara State Aerospace University
The structure of the University includes
Samara State University
Samara National Research University
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Samara University



• Samara National Research University was founded in 2015. This
merger of Samara State Aerospace University and Samara State

3. Samara State Aerospace University

(SSAU) is one of Russia's leading
engineering and technical institutions. It is located in the city of Samara.

4. The structure of the University includes

• – Institutions: Space Engineering Institute, Aerospace Propulsion Institute,
Aeronautical Engineering Institute, Electronics and Instrumentation
Engineering Institute, Continuing Professional Education Institute,
Continuing Professional Education Institute;
• – Faculties: Industrial Engineering, Informational Science, Computer
Science, Economics and Management, Basic Training and Fundamental
Sciences and Correspondence Education;
• – Research institutes: Research Institute of Machine Acoustics, Research
Institute of Airframe constructions, Research Institute of Instrumentmaking, Research Institute of Technologies and Quality Problems, Research
Institute of System Designing;
• – 35 research laboratories and centers
• Etc.

5. Samara State University

Samara State University is a classical multi-faculty university and a leading
educational institution of higher education in Samara Oblast, Russia


• It consists of faculties of Mathematics and Mechanics, Physics,
Biology, Chemistry, Philology, History, Sociology, Economy and
Management, Psychology, and Law. It is considered to be the most
prestigious graduate school in Samara and the area, especially with its
highly competitive and demanding programmes in the English
Language, Law, Sociology and Political Science, International
Relations, Psychology. SSU is also marked for its postgraduate
research in the Sciences and the Humanities.

7. Samara National Research University


• Samara University is one of Russia’s leading centers of education, science
and culture, providing cutting-edge education and research services and
social and cultural projects aimed at developing and improving the
potential of aerospace and other hi-tech industries in Povolzhsky Federal
District and the country and meeting the person’s needs in terms of
intellectual, cultural and moral education by means of higher and postgraduate professional education, for maintaining the sustainable
development of the knowledge-based market economy.
• In 2015, by decision of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian
Federation, Samara State University was incorporated with SSAU. Today,
the joint institution is known as Academician Korolev Samara National
Research University (Samara University for short).
• The unified Samara University consists of 16 faculties, 105 departments,
one branch campus, offices in Togliatti and Blagoveschensk, a technical
school and a junior college. More than 14,000 students from across the
globe attend Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Specialist’s programs at SU.



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