Biography of Jenny Dooley
What is the book about?
Mystery and suspense
A little about Hampton House
My opinion
Narration techniques
The language

Jenny Dooley


2. Biography of Jenny Dooley

Jenny Dooley is a graduate from the University of
Wales, Swansea and holds an MEd (Master of
Education). She has been a teacher, a teacher trainer
and an author in the EFL field for more than 15
years. She has travelled extensively, delivering
seminars and holding workshops in Europe, Latin
America and the Middle East. She currently holds
the position of Director of Studies in one of the pilot
schools used by Express Publishing and is also the
president of a centre which runs Cambridge ESOL
Exams. Also, she has been actively involved in the
creation of children's' theatre groups which aims at
stimulating young learners' imaginations while
enhancing their English language learning. She is
currently involved in the development of material
for English learners and is an author whose name is
associated with numerous Express Publishing titles.

3. What is the book about?

It was fun for Kathy to work with William and the
others at the Helping Hand Club ... until she met the
strange lady in Room 16 at the Old People´s Home.
The lady´s story about Hampton House and its master
changed her life completely! Now everybody suspects
her of being a liar and, worst of all, William won´t
speak to her again. Will anybody believe her?

4. Mystery and suspense

Although all the characters are very realistic and
convincing, the events in the book are so unbelievable and
the plot is so thrilling, dramatic and gripping, it has so
many unexpected twists that the novel creates mystery and

5. A little about Hampton House

Book: Hampton house.
Author: Jenny Dooley.
Genre: fantasy
Jenny Dooley hid in this book a lot of simple, but
relevant points. She didn’t want to complicate all
the important things that the book is designed to
tell, so the plot is very easy to understand.
The book is full of amazing details about what life
used to be like at that time.
The book can be used as an additional material to
school curriculum made up on basis of academic
books by Virginia Evans and Jenny Dooley to teach
kids English.

6. Characters

Kathy - a kind girl with a tender heart;
William – her friend; an indecisive person; he can’t choose between alternative
opinions on the events,
Joan - a leader of Helping Hand; a friendly character who gives good advice
and helps the other heroes;
Lord Hampton: in the story he appears as a greedy and cruel man;
Miss Emily (Old lady) a very kind woman.

7. My opinion

When I understood all the points in this simple literary
work, I realized that it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. I really
enjoyed the book;
Hampton House is a book about daily problems – about
relationships, about greediness, about solitude, about
compassion; the author shows us the most important
features of human nature;
It doesn’t only help teach English, it is also very useful for
moral education;
The story is well worth reading because it can change the
way you see the life.

8. Narration techniques

• The events in the story are not in chronological
order. The author uses flashback narration which
catches the reader’s attention and makes him want
to go on reading he story.
In this story there is a secret that is revealed at the
end. As we read, we want to know the answers to
many questions. That is why it is guaranteed to
keep the reader from beginning to end. When all
the questions are answered, we feel great

9. The language

The story is beautifully written, with poetic lively
descriptions. The language helps readers feel fear,
excitement and curiosity. “Kathy saw a wild garden
with old trees covered in ivy. The house was exactly as
she had imagined it, except the roof had fallen in. The
windows were covered in dirt and dust, and they were
cracked from the stones children had thrown at them
for fun…”


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