Rules of Exploitation of Electric Devices.
Repeat after me:
Write down
Check your answers (Ex.1)
Write down the following items:
Check your answers (Ex.2)
Check your answers(Ex.3)
Electrical safety
Safety Rules
Estimate yourselves
“Reflexive sheet”
Your homework is reading the text, ex.1, page 32. (Answer the questions) and ex.2, page 32 (mark the statements as T or F), ex. 3, page 32 (match the words (1-5) with the definitions (A-E)

Rules of exploitation of electric devices

1. Rules of Exploitation of Electric Devices.

State autonomous educational institution
of secondary vocational education
“Kirishi politechnic college"
Rules of Exploitation of Electric
Presentation is prepared
by Ermeychuk N.A.
the teacher of the English language


The aims of the lesson:
- to learn new words
and word
combinations on the
theme of Electricity.
- to speak about the
safety rules of
exploitation of
electric devices.
- to understand the
importance of
following these rules.

3. Repeat after me:

electrical fire
inside circuit; outside circuit
the power is off, the power is on
safety earthing system
electric shock


Electrical safety is an important part
of fire prevention. Thousands of
electrical fires happen every year.
Electrical fires are caused by
different things:
1. Faulty
electrical fires
2. Frayed wires often ignite
other objects
3. Sometimes people place
combustibles too close to
electrical appliances

5. Write down

Causes of electrical fires:
faulty wiring-неисправная
frayed wires-изношенная проводка
combustiblesлегковоспламеняющиеся вещества


Ex. 1
Complete the sentences using the correct variant:
1. Earthing system servers
a) as protection from an
electric shock
b) as connection with ground.
2. Voltage appears on
a) dead parts.
b) live parts.
3. Contact with live conductors is
a) dangerous.
b) safe.
4. Connection to ground is made
a) by means of wire
b) by means of earthing
5. Danger of an electric shock
a) is earthed.
disappears if the frame
b) is unearthed.

7. Check your answers (Ex.1)

1. a
3. a


Be safe at work!
Working with electrical wiring is
very dangerous. The proper safety
equipment can save your life.
Always protect your head, eyes,
hands and feet. Never work without
wearing the following items:
1. A hard hat
2. A pair of leather gloves
3. Steel toe boots
4. Safety glasses

9. Write down the following items:

A hard hat-защитная каска
A pair of leather gloves – пара
кожаных перчаток
Steel toe boots-ботинки со
стальным носком
Safety glasses- защитные очки


Ex. 2.
Match the words (1-5) with the definitions (A-E)
1. fixed wiring
2. combustibles
3. faulty
4. evaluate
5. ignite
A not working properly
B wiring secured to a wall
C to set fire to something
D objects that can quickly catch on fire
E to decide on an object’s usefulness

11. Check your answers (Ex.2)

A -3


Ex. 3
Choose the suitable words and translate the sentences:
1. The danger of electric shock (appears, disappears)
when the conductor becomes (live, dead).
2. Current passes through faulty (earthed, unearthed)
part of installations when the power is on.
3. Low accuracy of measurement is (an advantage, a
disadvantage) of the measuring device.
4. The danger of electric shock (increases, decreases) in
the wet and hot atmosphere.
5. No current flows through a (dead, live) conductor.

13. Check your answers(Ex.3)

1. appears / live
2. unearthed/power is on
3. disadvantage
4. increases
5. dead conductor

14. Electrical safety

Following a few simple safety rules can save your
life. To reduce electrical safety hazards always
-de-energize power sources before working
with electrical equipment
-follow lockout\tagout procedures
Remember: all electricity, including static
electricity, can be dangerous. Never take risks.

15. Safety Rules

1. Proper maintenance for wiring is very
important. Always evaluate all wires. Make
sure they are not frayed or damaged
2.Use means of protection against electric
3.Control safety system of earthing.
4. Hang out prohibitive marks.

16. Estimate yourselves

Without mistakes – “5”
1-3 mistakes – “4”
4-7 mistakes – “3”
More than 8 mistakes – “2”

17. “Reflexive sheet”

Number of mistakes:

18. Your homework is reading the text, ex.1, page 32. (Answer the questions) and ex.2, page 32 (mark the statements as T or F), ex. 3, page 32 (match the words (1-5) with the definitions (A-E)

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