What do these signs mean?
a) Stop! b) You are miserable and disgusting. c) Smell my palm!
a) What is your name? b) Well done! Perfect! c) You, idiot!
a) All right! b) You are nothing! Zero! c) Go to hell!
a) Yo-yo! I’m a rap star! b) Your wife is cheating on you c) I love you very much
a) We are the best! b) I’m going to punish you! Right now! c) Heil Hitler!
a) Call me back! b) I’ll screw you up!!! c) Looser!
a) 1 Beer, please! b) Kill! c) Underground
a) Money! b) Wait a second c) Go to hell!

Gestures in different countries of the world

1. What do these signs mean?

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