Reasons for traveling to the UK:
How can people go to the UK?
Exchange programs
Colleges in London
University College London
Buckingham Palace
The Tower of London and Tower Bridge
London Eye
Westminster Abbey
Big Ben
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Why do people travel to the UK

1. Traveling

2. Plan

Reasons for travelling
Different ways of travelling
Booking airline tickets by
A visiting programme
Visiting places

3. Reasons for traveling to the UK:

To learn English
To visit new places
To know more about British
traditions and customs
To meet new people
To work
To relax


5. How can people go to the UK?

Taking part in exchange programs
Living in English family
Visiting friends and relatives
Package tours

6. Exchange programs

Exchange programs are an opportunity to expand your
horizons and experience the global marketplace firsthand.
Exchange programs are situations in which two
or more countries have made arrangements for
their citizens to visit each other's country
reciprocally for similar purposes such as to
study, make professional contacts, teach, or
conduct research.
Here you can find information about exchange

7. Colleges in London

London is a centre of learning, and
boasts countless colleges,
universities and other educational
institutions. The jewel in its crown is
the University of London, whose
world-renowned colleges include
King’s, University and Imperial
Colleges as well as the London
School of Economics.

8. University College London

9. Buckingham Palace

It is often called as “Buck House”. It was built
in 1703 by the Duke of Buckingham. It was the
first residence of Queen Victoria.

10. The Tower of London and Tower Bridge

This “Saga in
Stone” is best seen
from the South Bank.
William the Conqueror
built this palimpsest of
history. It has served
as citadel, royal
palace, state prison,
armory, treasury and
mint for nine
centuries. The Tower
Bridge was
constructed between
1886 and 1894.

11. London Eye

12. Westminster Abbey

13. Big Ben

The clock is
universally known
as Big Ben. It was
named after Sir
Benjamin Hall (the
first Commissioner
of Works). The 320foot clock tower
carries one of the
best-known clock
faces in world.


Travel Agency clerk (P1): Good morning. Can I help you?
Mister Brown (P2): I’d like to reserve 10 seats on a morning
flight to London next Wednesday.
(P1): I can offer you two flights at 7.30 a.m. and 10 a.m. Which
would you prefer?
(P2): I’d rather go by the 7.30.
(P1): First class or economy?
(P2): Economy, please.
(P1): O’key. Anything else?
(P2): When is the plane due in London?
(P1): At 12.30 There are no delays as a rule. Your name,
address and telephone number, please.
(P2): (information)
(P1): We’ll deliver the tickets two days before your departure.
Thank you for calling us.

15. Created by Kaparulina K., Saakyan L.

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