Традиции стран изучаемого языка.
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Traditions of the countries studied language

1. Традиции стран изучаемого языка.

Traditional English food.


For today lesson we learn new vocabulary ,recollect
English grammar and know a lot of interesting
things about English and Ukrainian dish .But you
should be very attentive because for your work you
take money witch at the end of the lessons will be
your marks


Без солі, без хліба — немає обіда.
Without salt and bread there’s no dinner.
Заварив кашу — не жалій масла.
If you have brewed porridge than don’t
spare oil.
Не розбивши крашанки, не спечеш You will
not fry eggs if you don’t break


Answer the following questions
When do you have your breakfast?
You have your lunch at school, don’t you?
Which is the first meal of the day?
At what time do you have your dinner?
Do you help your mother to prepare your meals?
Who lays the table for supper?



What traditional English food do
you know now for thise video?


Work in groups
Listen and read. Complete the text with the words from the box given
• packed lunch • chips • roll
•lemonade • tea • meals• chicken
lunch • marmalade • milk • cup •plate
• breakfast • eggs • dinner


English Meals
English people usually have four (1) ..... during the day:
breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner or supper.
At about 8 o’clock in the morning people have (2) ...... . They
eat porridge or cornflakes with (3) ..... or sugar, fried or boiled
(4) ..... with bacon, bread and butter or toast with (5) ....., or
jam and a (6) ..... of tea.(Group1)
At 11 o’clock the English have (7) ...... . They like to eat fish
and (8) ....., potatoes, beans, carrots, cabbage or peas. People
usually drink tea, coffee, juice or (9) ...... . Schoolchildren have
their lunch in the school canteen. Some children bring their
(10) ..... with sandwiches and fruit.
At about 5 o’clock the English have (11) ..... with milk, a cake
or a (12) ..... with jam.(Group2)
The English have the evening meal, (13) ..... or supper, at
7 o’clock. People usually have a (14) ..... of soup, meat or
(15) ..... with vegetables, cheese, tinned fruit, ice cream or
an apple pie.(Group3)




Countable nouns are for things we can count using numbers.
They have a singular and a plural form.
Uncountable nouns are for the things that we cannot count
with numbers.
And now look at the ex.3 at p66 .
You should find countable and uncountable nouns at the text
in ex1 p65 and write it into your copy books.


At the beginning of the lessons I put in your
chairs English and Ukrainian flags you must
form 2 groups.At the black board we have
cards with Ukrainian and British food. Your
task is described what Ukrainian and British
people like to eate.


Today you’ve leaned about some traditional
English food.
Don’t you think the getting knowledge can help
you in your real life?
Look at your desks. Each of you have got three
apples – red, yellow and green one. If you took
part in all activities and did everything correct,
put a green apple on the tree. If you only helped
sometimes and didn’t understand everything, put
a yellow apple on the tree. If you didn’t
understand and didn’t remember anything, put a
red one.


Домашнє завдання.
Впр.6, стор.66 (письмово), повторити лексику
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