My idol
My idol - hockey club “AK bars”
The coach of the hockey club
Three-time Cup winners
Squad list
Squad list
The most cohesive team
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My idol - hockey club “AK bars”

1. My idol

The competition for English language “Learn to win”
Made by: Vafina Gulnaz
Form: 9 B
Check it by: Salahiev R.N.

2. My idol - hockey club “AK bars”

The team was formed in 1956
under the name
"Mashstroy". The first two
seasons participated in the
championship of Kazan,
changing at the beginning
of their performances on
the name of SK Uritsky.
He has been competing in
the national
Championships since
1958.Names: SK Uritsky
(in 1958-1990), " ITIL
"(1990 - 1995)," AK bars "
(since 1995).

3. Champions

"AK Bars" became the
first team-dynasty in
the domestic hockey
since the great CSKA.
In 2006-2010, the “Ak
Bars” reached the
finals of the Russian
ice hockey
Championship four
times and won three
times, the last two
times in a row.

4. The coach of the hockey club

Zinetula khaydarovich
Bilyaletdinov (March 13,
1955, Moscow, USSR) —
Soviet hockey player,
defender, Soviet and
Russian coach, head coach
of the Russian hockey
team in 2004 and 20112014. Olympic champion
1984, multiple world and
European champion in the
USSR national hockey
team. In March 2014, he
was appointed Vice
President and General
Manager of AK Bars

5. Three-time Cup winners

I've been rooting for AK bars since I was a kid... My favorite club has
repeatedly taken the Gagarin Cup. Gagarin Cup-a Cup, which is
awarded to the winner of the playoffs of our KHL. It was founded
in 2008.For the first time "AK Bars" took the Gagarin Cup in the
2008-2009 season. It was the very first draw of Gagarin Cup - and
he went to Kazan. Yes, Morozov–Zinoviev-Zaripov and others
created a miracle. And the next year they repeated this miracle.
The second draw of the Gagarin Cup - and again "AK bars"! 2010
remained for Kazan. Then there was a slight decline, but there
were finals and defeats... And in 2018, in a beautiful final series
against CSKA, Kazan " AK bars "under the slogan" IDA for the
Cup!"takes the Gagarin Cup for the third time! And let there is no
Morozov, Zinoviev and Zaripov... Ow! And Zaripov that is! Yes,
Denis returned to Kazan. And together with him returned to
Kazan and Gagarin Cup!Total, Kazan "AK bars" is a three-time
winner of the Gagarin Cup: 2009, 2010, 2018. Which is a record in
the KHL.

6. Squad list

7. Squad list

Alexander Sharychenkov Emil Garipov
Vladislav Podyapolskii
Albert Yarullin, Andrei Markov, Andrei
Pedan, Vladislav Watermelons, Daniel
Kurashov, Denis Tsukanov, Dmitriy
Yudin, Mark Marin, Mikhail Sidorov,
Nikita Lyamkin, Paul Postma, Rafael
Batyrshin, Roman Abrosimov, Roman
Alexander Burmistrov, Alexander
Protopovich, Alexander Suites, Alexey
Potapov, Andrei Popov, Anton Lander,
Artem Lukoyanov, Artem Mikheev, Boris
Levitsky, Vladimir Tkachev, Danis
Zaripov, Justin Azevedo, Jiri Cleaver,
Maxim Lazarev, Maxim Glukhov, Pavel
Palacin, Rob Klinkhammer, Stanislav
Galiev, Fedor Malykhin

8. The most cohesive team


“AK Bars” will always
be my idol. For many,
it is a great example.
Their victories inspire
people, and they are
ready to go to great
lengths for the sake of
their dreams.
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