Ricardo Milos




Ricardo Milos is a Brazillan
escort notable for a video of him
dancing that was hosted on Mark
Wolff's website.Ricardo Milos was
born on November 11, 1977, along
with his twin brother, in Rio,
Brazil. He is mixed, with both
Brazilian and Irish
heritage.Ricardo has been modeling
for over 10 years and his father
is a professional photographer who
taught him how to take good photos
as well as how to pose in
photos.Ricardo's hobbies are
taking pictures, body building,
jet skiing, rock climbing, dining
out, bowling, collecting DVDs and
mp3s, and collecting magnets.


Ricardo Milos is a minor character, but
he is used often in Gachimuchi videos as
a humorous addition. Ricardo doesn't say
anything in any videos in which he is
found. Despite this he still has tons of
videos including him.Now video with him
is very popular on the Internet
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