What are global environmental problems?
Environmental issues include:
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Environmental problems

1. Project

«Environmental problems»
Student: Pimenova Viktoriya;
Levchenko Maria
From 10 A

2. What are global environmental problems?

Environmental problem is one of global problems of modernity.
It is closely related to issues of ecological security and ecological
crisis. Environmental changes under human influence became global,
i.e. affecting all countries of the world, therefore they were called

3. Environmental issues include:

Deforestation. According to the reports of the
Organization for food and agriculture of the
UN, deforestation continues around the world
with great speed. Lost each year 13 million
hectares of forest, whereas it grows only 6 Ha.
This means that every second, the planet
disappears forest the size of a football field.


The reduction of biodiversity. Humanity as a species
with great abundance, and habitat leaves no suitable
habitat for other species. Need intense expanding the
area of specially protected natural territories for
conservation of species under threat of extinction, as
well as strict regulation of the extinction of commercial
valuable species.
Water pollution. The danger of water pollution is
that people is largely composed of water and to
remain human, he must consume of the water, which
in most cities is difficult to name suitable for
drinking. About half the population of developing
countries has no access to clean water, forced to
drink infected with pathogens and therefore doomed
to a premature death from epidemic diseases.


Waste. In nature annually more than 50 billion tons of
waste energy, industrial, agricultural and domestic
sectors, including industrial enterprises - more than
150 million tons Into the environment emit about 100
thousand synthetic chemicals, of which 15 thousand
require special attention.
The land degradation. People with their own hands makes the
surface of the Earth in the likeness of Mars, forgetting that it
is different from our planet one significant detail: on it there
can not be life.All the more dangerous becomes the
phenomenon of soil erosion, as the fertile soils on the planet
becomes smaller and it is vital to preserve at least what is
available at the moment, to prevent the disappearance of this
single layer of earth's lithosphere on which plants can grow.


We brought only the most important
and the most urgent global problems,
in fact there are many more. It only
depends on us how will worsen the
situation on our planet further. The
people themselves must monitor the
environment that surrounds them. The
methods and techniques may be
different. For example, seminars on
environmental issues, or community
work days to clean up areas
contaminated by household waste.


Thank you for your attention!
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