10 places in Moscow you should visit!
Let's start talking about 10 essencial places in Moscow!
The Red Square
Lenin's Tomb and The Kremlin
Tretyakov Gallery
Zaryadye Park
Cafe Pushkin
    Gorky Park
                Patriarch Ponds
Moscow metro museum
See you in Moscow City!!! Bye-bye!
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10 places in Moscow you should visit!

1. 10 places in Moscow you should visit!

Directed by Kushnerova Natalia))))

2. Let's start talking about 10 essencial places in Moscow!

Moscow, the capital of Russia, has always been a
dynamic and picturesque city that inspired
writers of all the times. It is a modern and
friendly city that welcomes guests!

3. TOP-10

4. The Red Square

Today the Red Square as
known as a tourist
magnet and this often the
site of events, festivals
and consert. This is the heart
of Moscow!

5. Lenin's Tomb and The Kremlin

Lenin's Tomb and The Kremlin
The Kremlin is the
historical heart of
Moscow. And the Lenin's
Tomb is open to the
public. If you want to
have a look at Lenin’s
embalmed body, visit
the step-like pyramid
of Lenin’s mausoleum.

6. Tretyakov Gallery

Your Moscow sightseeing
itinerary should include a
trip to the Tretyakov Gallery,
a fantastic museum of art in
The Tretyakov is the
foremost gallery of Russian
fine art the world over and
presents a fantastic
overview of Russian art

7. Zaryadye Park

Zaryadye Park is a very
modern park, sitting just
high enough to provide
spectacular views of the
city. Take a walk up
there at sunset and
you’ll have an incredible
experience. That’s what
we did, and it was truly

8. Cafe Pushkin

This is a famous cafe in Moscow
that serves great Russian food,
but it’s most well-known for its
stunning decor. Situated inside
what was once the house of a
nobleman, it is a sophisticated
and charming place that you’re
going to want to Instagram! If
possible, make a reservation for
the Library Room, which is the
cafe’s most epic spot.

9.     Gorky Park

Gorky Park
The Gorky Park is an excellent
place for walking and various
leisure activities. Inside the
park you will fine a lot of
things to do: a lot of sports
zones, food courts, lawns with
deckchairs, hammocks and
pouffes, bicycle paths, bicycle
rental outlets, scooters and
rollers, and other sports

10.                 Patriarch Ponds

Patriarch Ponds
Also known in common
language as
The Pond is one of the
main settings
of Bulgakov's novel The
Master and Margarita.
This site is the most
popular place for
teenage party!

11. Moscow metro museum

Concept of an identity for Moscow
Metro Museum:
The museum isn't very popular,
not many people have ever
heard about it, although Moscow
metro is kind of a brand of the
city. There are also quite a lot of
people who feel interest about
Metro and tourists definitely like
Moscow underground palace. So
the aim was to develop a modern
and clear brand, which will tell
people about the beauty and
diversity of Moscow metro
architecture and history.

12. See you in Moscow City!!! Bye-bye!

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