“Guess Who it is”
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Guess Who it is

1. “Guess Who it is”

Performed by: Abdrakhman Aruzhan,
Baubekova Alexandra, Kazimova Saida,
Ovcharenko Lyuba

2. №1

• Most of his inventions didn’t see the light during his lifetime.
• He lived in the late 15th century.
• He invented the first diving suit. The design
was practical.
• He was fond of painting, medicine, history, biology, mechanics,
writing poetry, fencing, was a sculptor.
• He dismembered corpses to thoroughly
examine the human anatomy.
• Italian painter of the Renaissance.

3. №2

• He was born on June 9, 1963 in Owensboro (USA, Kentucky).
• His parents got divorced, when he was fifteen.
• He left school at age 16 to devote his life to music.
• He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
number 7018 opened November 16, 1999.
• He is a three-time nominated for "Oscar", nine
nominated for "Golden Globe", twice nominated
for BAFTA Award, nominated for "Gold palm
branch" at the Cannes Film Festival. There is also
two nominations for the prize "Golden
Raspberry" in the actor list.
• The most known for his roles in the films of Tim Burton.

4. №3

• He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1847 in a
family interested in the problems of speech.
• His father had been one of the teachers pioneer
of speech to the deaf.
• He was a world-famous inventor of “Visible
Speech”, which helped deaf people to pronounce
words they could not hear.
• In 1873 he was appointed a professor at Boston University.
• It was through his famous experiments that in
1876 he was able to develop the telephone,
which enables people to talk to each other over
long distances.
• He died on August 2, 1922.

5. №4

He was born on December 5, 1901. He became one of the best-known
motion picture producers in the world.
He is particularly noted for being a film producer and a popular
showman, as well as an innovator in animation and theme park
He won 26 Academy Awards out of 59 nominations, including
a record four in one year, giving him more awards and
nominations than any other individual.
His first success was through the series, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
which was created by the Disney studio for Charles Mintz of
Universal Studios.
He died of lung cancer in Burbank, California, on
December 15, 1966.
He died on August 2, 1922.

6. №5

He was born in the family of British immigrant in 1880, in Milwaukee,
Ambitious, with good eye for business he started his career at the
age of 15 when he took a job at a bicycle factory
He have had a friend who had a mind for mechanics
The two also shared a deep interest in bicycles and were
convinced they could create a new kind of mechanized bike that
would be easier to ride
He earned a degree in mechanical engineering from
the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1907
By 1909 the company had its own factory,
employed 35 workers and produced more than a
thousand bikes per year
During the WWII (World War second) the
American military ordered more than 60,000

7. №6

•She (real name Norma Jeane Mortenson) was an American actress,
who became an idol for millions of people .Apart from being an
actress, she was a singer and a model.
She was considered to be the major sex symbol of the 20th
• She was famous for photo in white «fly away» dress.
• She is called «The Most Famous Blonde».

8. №7

•He was born in London, England on April 16th 1889
Comedic British actor who became one of the biggest stars of the
20th century’s silent films
•His father was a vocalist and an actor
•He also was a filmmaker and director
•He began acting at the age of 13
• Movies: “The Immigrant”, “The Great Dictator”, “City Lights”,
“Charlie Chaplin and modern times”, “The Kid”, “The Circus”,
“Easy Street”, “Monsieur Verdoux”, “A King in a New York”, “A
dog’s life”, “The Floorwalker” etc.

9. №8

• He was an American businessman, inventor, and industrial designer.
He was the co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple
He led the development of iMac, iTunes, Apple Stores, the iPod,
the iTunes Store, the iPhone, the App Store, and the iPad.
•He is called «Father of the digital revolution».
•He revolutionized at least six industries: personal computers,
mobile phones, music distribution, the production of animated
films, e-books, Internet tables.
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