«The UK of Great Britain »
Geographical location
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The UK of Great Britain

1. «The UK of Great Britain »

2. Vocabulary

3. Geographical location

The UK of Great Britain is situated on
islands. They lie to the north-west of
Europe. The UK consists of four part.
Each part has its capital.
The capital of England is
London, Wales has Cardiff,
Scotland has Edinburgh and
the main city of the
Northern Ireland is Belfast.

4. Climate

It is washed by seas from all
sides. That`s why the
climate and the nature of
Great Britain is very specific.
It is not very cold in winter
and never very hot in
summer. There is no ice on
the lakes and rivers in
winter. The weather changes
very often.


Besides, Britain is famous
for its fogs. Sometimes fogs
are so thick that it is
impossible to see anything
within 2 or 3 meters.

6. Government

The UK of Great Britain is
a monarchy. The power
of the Queen of Great
Britain Elizabeth II is not
absolute. Her powers are
limited by the Parliament.
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