What is American English Language?
What is American English Language?

American vs British English


2. What is American English Language?

• American English (AmE, AE, AmEng,), also
called United States English or U.S. English, is
the set of varieties of the English language
native to the United States.
• English is the most widely spoken language in
the United States and is the common language
used by the federal government.

3. What is American English Language?

• The use of English in the United States is a result
of British colonization of the Americas. The first
wave of English-speaking settlers arrived in North
America during the 17th century, followed by
further migrations in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Since then, American English has been influenced
by the languages of West Africa, the Native
American population, German, Dutch, Irish,
Spanish, and other languages of successive waves
of immigrants to the United States.

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