Our range of products are very wide
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Products "Kinder"



For over 40 years, Kinder has been creating
products with guaranteed quality and
unmistakable tastiness, designed with kids in mind.
Today, the Kinder brand is well-known all across
Europe and is expanding rapidly around the world,
recognized for the variety, quality and creativity of
its products.


4. Our range of products are very wide


Kinder Bueno is a duo set of
chocolate wafer bars filling
a hazelnut cream
Kinder Surprise is a hollow
milk chocolate egg.The
outside surface of the egg
is milk chocolate, and the
inside is a "milky
interior". A capsule
containing a toy is inside
the chocolate egg.


Kinder Joy is similar in shape to the Kinder Surprise, it has a plastic eggshaped packaging that is internally divided into two halves. One half contains
two soft creamy chocolate layers, one milk-chocolate flavoured, one whitechocolate flavoured. The other half contains a small toy.


• Kinder Chocolate is a fine milk chocolate with a milky filling, ranging from 4
to 40 bars.
• Kinder Delice is a chocolate cake with a layer of milk inside and a milk
chocolate covering.


Kinder Pingui is similar to Kinder Delice with the exception of a complete
chocolate covering and more milky filling inside.
Milky Bites are small milk chocolate eggs, with a
hazelnut and white chocolate filling and are also
known as 'Schoko-Bons'.


Country Crisp, similar to the Kinder Schokolade, containing small pieces of
cereal and grain within the chocolate filling, as well as a wafer casing. (Also
known under the name “Kinder Country”)


• We believe that our products can make a small contribution to these
intimate and irreplaceable moments that you spend with your family.
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