Transport in London
London has three main modes of transport : metro and buses and taxis.
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Transport in London

1. Transport in London


London is a huge capital, so public transport is
vital for citizens and tourists, for whom getting
around London can be very difficult. Unlike
Russian public transport, the British transport
system is reliable and quite cheap. However, due
to the increase in the number of cars, London
traffic has increased 3 times, and the length of
traffic jams has increased dramatically.

3. London has three main modes of transport : metro and buses and taxis.



Buses are the best for sightseeing, especially
double Decker buses. However, they move
quite slowly, especially in rush hour. There
were no doors on the traditional two-storey
buildings and passengers jumped and jumped
out of the bus, and the conductor charged the
passengers. Currently, the fare is paid directly
to the driver.


In London there were recently one-storey
buses, which are called "Red Arrow".


The London underground, also called Tube, is
a more convenient, fast and direct form of
travel. The subway opened in the late 19th
century, in 1884. Now there are more than 270
stations. You can recognize metro stations by
red and blue signs on the streets. There is no
fixed fare because it depends on the distance of
the trip. You can buy a ticket or a token from
the clerk at the box office or at the vending
machine. There are 8 different subway lines in
London. Travellers who do not know the metro
should consult the map.
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