Happy Halloween
Halloween is one of the most famous festivals in America and England.
Slender man
Slender man
Jeff the killer
Pyramid Head
Queen of Alien
Cycle of life
Freddy Krueger
Little Molly
That’s all
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Happy Halloween

1. Happy Halloween

Presentation by A.Botvinova

2. Halloween is one of the most famous festivals in America and England.

• Today I want to talk about those who force
children cry at night, on whose type tingling
all over the skin... I'll talk about the horrors of

3. Boogieman

– Boogeyman one of the most
famous monsters. It can often
be seen in many cartoons, films
and stories. Boogeyman looks
like a rag doll made hastily. It is
chock-full of bugs and other
abomination. Lives under
children's beds and in closets.
His victims then swallow
without chewing digested
children through bugs.

4. Slender man

• The great and terrible man without a face. We are talking about the Thin
man. This is a relatively new nightmare, but with a deep-rooted history.
Many facts prove his existence. For example in one of the psychiatric
clinics of America, the patient saw inhumanly high man without a face,
dressed in a formal suit. After three days all patients the psychological
institutions disappeared, neither the left nor the corpses no other

5. Slender man

6. Jeff the killer

Go to sleep" go to sleep" is a trademark phrase of the next
of our monster, but most likely it is a maniac and not a
monster. It goes some things about Jeff murderer, about a
teenager with a very tragic history. Family Jeff moved into a
new house in a prestigious area. All went well, but the first
day at school and a fight ensued. Jeff grabbed the offender
knife and stabbed him in the shoulder. When the night in
their house, police arrived, the older brother Jeff lied that
he beat the guy. Since then psyche Jeff stumbled. At the
bottom of the birth of a boy on Jeff again attacked and
threatened with a gun. He ran into the house, but there he
was caught and was hit with a bottle on the head. Jeff
broke out and grabbed a scrap. He smashed the head of
the offender the crowbar, but he threw it lighter. Liquid
burst into flames and Jeff began to burn. He came to in the
hospital, Ged his mind is completely broken. After two
nights reason he had burned himself eyelids and cut his
mouth from ear to ear and then killed his entire family.

7. Pyramid Head

• Grim Reaper town
called silent hill.
Unreal strong and
very fast monster
with the cap in the
shape of a pyramid.
The head of the
many monsters in
silent hill. Wears an
apron of human
skin, his guns
instead huge knife.

8. Dracula

Count Dracula one of the most
popular Halloween monsters. Prince
of darkness and simply evil bloodsucking with millions of fans.
Dracula can say so much, but the
time we have is not enough. In
short, Dracula isn’t a type of
vampire where it is cute and lovely,
acclaimed as Edward Cullen from
twilight (P.S. the author of this text
hates Edward). Lives Dracula in
Transylvania in its ancient castle. If
you are "lucky" to meet him in a
dark alley, on the one classmate will
be less.

9. Werewolf

Werewolf he takes pride of
place on the pedestal of
horror. Firstly, because the
fans have said so. Secondly,
werewolves very creepy
creatures. Each full moon,
man turns into a monster.
Werewolf looks like a huge
wolf, wild-eyed. Sight
terrifying, till the blood run
cold. Powered werewolf
everything from Prime beef
up holey socks. But these
monsters fans make these
lovely creatures.

10. Predator

• Before us the king of the
hunt, the ruler of the rivers of
blood and just another horror
space. Predator - galactic
hunter on anything that
moves. His trophies this is the
skull of his victims, but if the
victim was too weak for the
hunter, he just rips her skin
and hangs upside down.
Predator perfect disguise, he
can at any moment become
invisible and attack the
victim. The most desirable his
prey is the Queen of Alien.

11. Queen of Alien

• Queen of Alien most strong
and tenacious creature in the
entire universe. With growth
of more than ten metres and
impenetrable chitin armour,
she and her children are a real
threat to the whole world.
Heavy armored crown
decorates her skull. It lives in
the hive foreign hedge. ,
Suspended from the walls and
ceiling are continuously gives
birth to a new xenomorph.

12. Cycle of life

13. Trio

• Trio - the worst of the Trio
horrific monsters. Senior
bloody Harry, medium black Ben and the last,
the worst of the brothers
- Boney Tony. These three
psychopath do not know
what is regret and
remorse. They simply kill
and devour his prey, while
she is still alive.

14. Freddy Krueger

• Freddy Krueger is
the most famous
maniac from the
movies. About him
shot more than 8
films. On his right
hand, he glove with
blades on each
finger. He attacks on
human sleep and
кромсает sacrifice
glove. He loves
black humor.

15. Little Molly

• Baby Molly - girl
from hell. Little
devil incarnate
with an angelic
appearance. She
really was a terrible
sadist. It hurts and
makes fun of the
victim before being
killed. Three days
before the attack it
sends his new
"toy" doll

16. That’s all

• It's all about the
monsters and the
couple aliens from
books, movies and
your nightmares.
The author
believes that you
liked it. Please, do
not hurt the
author, because I
can and more all
the monsters
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