Present Simple and Present Continuous
Present Simple
Отрицательные предложения
Вопросительные предложения
Временные указатели
Present Continuous
Отрицательные предложения
Вопросительные предложения
Временные указатели
Глаголы, не употребляющиеся в Continuous
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Present Simple and Present Continuous

1. Present Simple and Present Continuous

2. Present Simple

Обычные регулярные действия:
I usually get up at 7 a.m. and go to school.
Констатация факта:
The Earth goes around the Sun.
Действия по расписанию:
He arrives by 7 o’clock train today.

3. Образование:

Утвердительные предложения:
I, we, you, they +V:
We like fruit.
He, she, it +Vs/es:
She likes vegetables.

4. Отрицательные предложения

I, we, you, they +do not/don’t V:
don’t learn English at school.
He, she, it +does not/doesn’t V:
He doesn’t eat meat.

5. Вопросительные предложения

Do … I, we, you, they V …?
Do you go to school?
Yes, I do/ No, I don’t.
Does … he, she, it V…?
Does she help you?
Yes, she does/ No, she doesn’t.
When do you usually come home?
Where does he live?
Who helps you to look after your children?

6. Временные указатели

Never ( употребляется в утвердительных
Every day/month/week/year
How often do you play sport?
I sometimes go swimming.
Once/twice/three times a week/month

7. Present Continuous

Действия, происходящие в данный момент:
We’re listening to the teacher now.
Временные действия, происходящие в настоящим:
My parents are on holiday, so my grandparents are
looking after me.
Запланированные действия в будущем:
We’re going to the cinema with my friends tonight.


Утвердительные предложения:
I am doing homework.
He/she/it is watching TV.
We/you/they are playing football.

9. Отрицательные предложения

I’m not watching TV. You can turn it over.
He isn’t doing gymnastics now. He is
having a rest.
We aren’t doing homework now.
is not - isn’t
are not – aren’t

10. Вопросительные предложения

Is he doing karate now?
Yes, he is/No, he isn’t.
Are you working today?
Yes, I am/No, I am not.
Are they listening to music?
Yes, they are/ No, they aren’t.

11. Временные указатели

I’m having dinner now.
At the moment
We’re doing a test at the moment.
Look! It’s raining outside.

12. Глаголы, не употребляющиеся в Continuous

Глаголы чувств и восприятий:
see, hear, taste, smell, like, dislike, love,
State verbs:
be, want, know, remember, understand,

13. Исправьте ошибки:

She is wanting to go home.
Our uncle are playing basketball with us.
He never doesn’t eat pizza.
Our parents are loving this TV show.
The best friend is helping me with Math
every day.
Our classmates always going fishing in
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