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Percy Jackson


Percy Jackson
Rick Riordan.


Rick Riordan is an American writer. Born in 1964 in the city of San Antonio.
He wrote his first novel Blood-Red Tequila in 1997.
In 2005, Riordan’s first book about Percy Jackson and the Olympian gods appeared - “Percy Jackson and
the Lightning Thief.” The XX Century Fox film company acquired the rights to the film “The Lightning
Thief”, which was released in 2010. In 2008, Riordan came up with the idea for a series of novels "39
keys" and wrote the first book of the cycle


Percy Jackson, a twelve-year-old American schoolboy, nearly falls victim to a math teacher. It is good that
the pen that Mr. Brunner gave him, a teacher of Latin, turns into a real sword and hits a mad
mathematician. But Percy Jackson’s troubles don't end there. On the coast, where they leave with their
mother, they are attacked by the monster Minotaur. And Percy's friend in school, Grover, who suddenly
came to the rescue, turns out to be not a boy, but a satire.


the whole cycle of books is full of connections and
plot twists, in it you will never understand who will be the follower and what will happen next. in these
books you will go down to the Aida dungeon. swim in the river stix and you will reach the tartar, you will
rise on Olympus to Zeus, you will communicate with the gods. You will battle with the fiends of hell on
Monhetanna and many other things.
and if you stay alive after that, then another cycle of books "Olympus Heroes" is waiting for you. in it, you
are to consolidate the Greek and Roman camps against a common enemy. but that's another story
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