Sights of Canada
Banff National Park
Royal Ontario Museum
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Sights of Canada

1. Sights of Canada

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2. Banff National Park

Banff National Park, located in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, is the
oldest park in this country and one of the largest in the world. The park
was founded in 1885, and initially its area was much smaller - the
territory covered only hot springs and pools located near the cave. Over
time, the park area gradually increased: Lake Louise and many northern
lands also began to belong to the Banff Park. Its lands are dotted with a
large number of glaciers and ice fields, which you can admire while
driving along the Icefields Parkway.
Banff National Park is a favorite tourist attraction in Alberta County.
Many companies offer their services in organizing hiking day walks,
camping, mountaineering or climbing. Fans of skiing can choose
between three ski resorts - Sunshine Village, Lake Louise Mountain
Resort, or Mount Norquay Ski Resort. There are also areas for those who
prefer mountain cross-country skiing, and those who want diversity, are
offered to go horse riding in the park.





7. Royal Ontario Museum

In general, the Royal Ontario Museum includes a huge amount of things
that need to be preserved for future residents of Toronto, Canada, and
the world. Such items are already about six million copies. The beauty
gathered under one roof is really of great value: the remains of ancient
dinosaurs, and Asian carpets, vases, weapons, and paintings of famous
European artists, and Buddha statues. The Royal Museum began in 1857,
when a small collection of works of art appeared in the school preparing
future teachers of schools and colleges. The external repository of
monuments of art had to correspond to the contents. Architects F.
Darling and J. Pearson understood this best of all. In 1914, they
proposed their own version of the building in neo-Romanesque style,
which perfectly fit into the framework not only of a Canadian city, but
also in the architecture of all of North America of that time. Today it is a
beautiful building at the University of Toronto, at the intersection of two
streets Road and Bloor.
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