University of Victoria Canada
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University of Victoria Canada

1. University of Victoria Canada

Student: Martynuik
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One of the leading canadian University located in
the city of Victoria, in British Columbia.
University of Victoria – one of the best
universities in Canada. It was founded on the
basis of the College in 1903.


It is the state University. The language of
instruction is English.


Now the University consists of 10 faculties:
• Business – Бизнес
• Education – Педагогика
• Engineering – Инженерия
• Fine Arts – Изобразительные искусства
• Human And Social Development – Общечеловеческое и социальное
• Humanities – Гуманитарные науки
• Law – Право
• Medical Sciences – Медицина
• Science – Естественные науки
• Social Sciences – Социальные науки
The faculty of law of the University of Victoria is recognized as the best in


Usually the number of students is 18 500
people. The University campus is planned as a
Park: plants, animals, yoga – all in perfect
harmony. All the buildings are arranged in a
circle, close to each other.


The University is in the top 20 universities in the
world by the Times Higher Education. At the
University you can obtain: language courses,
Preparatory programme, Bachelor's, Master's
and Doctoral degree.


Until 2010 on the lawns of the University there
were many rabbits.
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