My family
Sayings and proverbs
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My family

1. My family

Автор: Тимур Сайфулин

2. Poetry

1.This is the father good and kind.
This is the mother with gentle smile.
This is brother grown so tall.
This is sister always with a doll.
This is baby still to grow.
That is the whole family
Standing in a row.
2.Good night mother,
Good night father,
Kiss your little son.
Good night sister,
Good night brother,
Good night everyone.

3. Sayings and proverbs

1.The family is one of nature's masterpieces.
2. There is no friendship, no love, like that of
the parent for the child.
3. The house does not rest upon the ground,
but upon a woman.
4. You live as long as you are remembered.
5. It is not possible for one to teach others who
cannot teach his own family.

4. Relationship

Grandfather (fathers dad) name is Mukhametgaley
Grandmother (fathers mum) name is Valida
2 grandfather (mothers dad) name is Sasha
2 grandmother (mothers mum) name is Olga

5. Relationship

Aunt (mothers sister) name is Larisa
Aunt (father sister) name is Gulnara

6. Relationship

I have not siblings

7. Information

my father 39 years old, and my
mother 33. my grandfather 73 years
old, and the grandmother of 70.

8. Information

All family members have brown eyes.
dad, mom and I have brown hair and
grandparents gray hair. my father
works at a factory Director and her
mother worked as a merchandiser and
grandma and grandpa retired.
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