Peter Pan




Peter Pan is the
character of the
books by Scottish
writer sir
James Barrie
"Peter Pan in
"Peter Pan" (1904)
and "Peter Pan and
Wendy" (1911).


He is one of the most popular characters of the children's
literature of the 20-th century. The prototype of the character
that inspired the writer was Michael Davis.


Peter Pan is the boy who doesn't want to grow up. He
remains young forever; he still has baby teeth. He ran away
from home through chimney and flew to Kensington gardens,
where he met the fairies.


Later he lived in Neverland - in the company of the missing
boys — those who were lost in Kensington gardens with
Wendy Darling. He has got his own fairy Tinker Bell. His worst
enemy is Captain Hook.


The main characters


Peter Pan is the main character of the cartoon, a fourteen-yearold boy. He always remains a child and does not grow up. He's a
real prankster and a naughty boy, as all the boys of his age are.


Tinker Bell is a beautiful little fairy from the magical land
Neverland.The fairy baby is able to fly easily and quickly. She
sprays the pixie dust on other and it helps them to rise high into
the sky and fly under the clouds.


Wendy is a girl, the same age as Peter Pan. The heroine is very
meek, kind, smart and beautiful. She loves her younger
brothers, helps her mother to look after them and helps about
the house.


The youngest child in the family of Dolings – Michael is a
very funny kid. He loves to listen to the stories about Peter
Pan, which Wendy tells him. A blond child, who walks in the
children's sliders.


John is the middle child in the family of Dolings. He wears glasses.
As well as his younger brother, he loves to listen to the stories of
his sister and imagines himself as Peter Pan. A very smart boy.


Mrs. Doling is a loving mother of Wendy, Michael and John. She
is a very beautiful woman. She always finds out right words
which are able to console.


Mr. Doling is the head of the family and a strict father. He even
does not want to hear about Peter Pan. He believes that the family
members pay little attention and care to him.


Nana is a dog of the Dolings, which brings tea, takes away toys
and makes beds. She watches the kids. She is very similar to a


Captain Hook is the captain of a pirate ship.
He is a courageous, brave and ruthless man
hunting for Peter Pan to take revenge on
him. By the Hook's stories it was Peter Pan
who deprived him his hand.


The crocodile is another character. Once he was lucky to catch
the severed hand of captain Hook and swallow. It then he
realized that there was no food taster and began to hunt for
the captain.


Smith is the assistant of captain Hook. He always gets
from other members of the pirate gang. He is a kindly
and cowardly pirate. He easily finds a common
languange with the crocodile.


The end
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