Formal phrasal verbs
Using phrasal verbs in writing
Examples of formal phrasal verbs
Examples of formal phrasal verbs
Task 1
Task 2
Task 3
Task 4
Task 5
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Formal phrasal verbs

1. Formal phrasal verbs


2. Using phrasal verbs in writing

Often, single verbs are more formal than phrasal verbs and therefore
can be more appropriate for formal writing than their phrasal verb
Nevertheless, phrasal verbs are very common in formal writing.
Offensive, slang, and informal phrasal verbs are not appropriate for
formal writing.
Most phrasal verbs are neutral and therefore, in general, there’s no
reason to specify they shouldn’t be used in formal writing.
Some phrasal verbs are so formal they’re only used in very formal or
serious writing.
Yes, you can use phrasal verbs in formal writing, as long as you choose
those that are the most suitable for your context or audience.

3. Examples of formal phrasal verbs

adhere to — to continue to obey a rule or have a belief
appertain to — to be connected to or belong to
ascribe to — to believe or claim that something was said, written, or
created by a particular person
disabuse of — to stop someone or oneself from continuing to
believe something that is false.
emanate from — to come out of or be produced by something or
depart from — to be different from the usual or expected way of
doing or thinking about something
engage in — to take part in something

4. Examples of formal phrasal verbs

enlarge on/upon — to speak or write about something in detail or in
more detail
enter on/upon — to do or become involved in something
offend against — to break a rule or principle or not fit well with
something that people consider to be correct
permit of — to make something possible
pertain to — to be connected with a particular subject, event, or
provide against — to make plans in order to prevent or deal with a bad
set forth — to give the details of something or to explain it, especially in
writing, in a clear, organized way

5. Task 1

Match the phrasal verbs in sentences 1-8 to the definitions a-h.
The chief executive has announced that she will step down at the end
of the year.
An official enquiry attributed responsibility for the accident to lack of
effective safety procedures.
In 2009, we entered into a contact with a large catering company to
supply them with cold meats.
Proposals for a new computerized stock system met with enthusiasm
from the warehouse staff.
You must make sure that everyone is furnished with the papers they
need to enter the country.
Newspaper reports suggested they had engaged in illegal activities.
Her speech alluded to the fact that she was the only woman on the
I`m happy to defer to Tricia on financial matters.
To mention in an indirect way
To give someone something
they need
To leave your job
To get a particular reaction
To think that something is the
reason for something
To accept someone else`s
opinion or to agree to do what
they tell you
To agree to something such as a
discussion or an agreement
To take part in something

6. Task 2

Underline the correct word/phrase to complete the collocation.
I hope that the new marketing plan will meet with staff/approval/work from
my bosses.
I attributed his speech/health/bad mood to pressure at work.
The union is currently engaged in talks/strikes/payments with the
Although he`s only twenty, he thinks he knows everything, and absolutely
refuses to defer to his senior colleagues/the evidence/his lack of experience.
I intend to step down from this responsibility/post/chairman next month.
Winning the deal furnished us with the work\success\excuse we need to
have a good party.
His thoughts/expressions/articles do sometimes allude to his past links with
The bus company has entered into arguments/an agreement/a
responsibility with the council to provide services to and from the hospital.

7. Task 3

Rita Shapur is human resources manager for a large plumbing firm. Read an extract of her report for
the monthly board meeting. Replace the underlined parts using the phrasal verbs you have learned.
Advertising manager post
Following interviews for this post, two candidates remained. Each provided us with two references. One of
Candidate A`s references mentioned her poor time keeping, and the other talked about an unwillingness
to accept authority. For that reason, we have decided to offer the post to Candidate B, whose references
were excellent.
Conflict of interests
It has come to our attention that some staff are taking part in activities that could harm our own business,
in particular by providing similar services on a self-employed basis at weekends. We intend to make it a
condition of employment that no staff member may make private agreements with customers who could
have used the company.
Lee Johnson
As you know, I have been concerned about Lee Johnson`s performance for some time. When I first spoke
to him, he said the reason for his problems was a lack of training in team management. Attempts to
improve his performance by offering such training did not have much success. Following another
discussion with him, he has agreed to leave his job voluntarily rather than go through formal disciplinary

8. Task 4

Answer the questions using the phrasal verbs you have learned and
information from the report in Exercise 3.
What did the candidates for the advertising manager post have to
give the company? They had to furnish the company with two
Did Candidate B`s reference say that she was at time keeping?
Is Candidate B willing to accept what people in authority tell her?
Why is Rita Shapur worried about what the staff are doing at the
Will staff be allowed to do private work?
What did Lee Johnson say was the reason for his poor performance?
Was his training successful?
Is he going to be sacked?

9. Task 5

Complete the sentences using the phrasal verbs you have learned.
She was forced to ______ from her job after the company`s profits fell for the
second year in a row.
He _____ his current poor health ____ years spent working in the mines.
Managers have agreed to ____ negotiations with the union over pay.
He always ___ his wife on any matters relating to the family.
A large part of the army was ____ a fierce battle to protect the border area.
In his acceptance speech, he ____ the difficulties he had faced in finding
funding for the movie.
The minister`s statement on tax rises ____ jeers and anger from the public.
Ten years in the army ___ him ___ all the skills he needed to run a holiday
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