Case study: Ethical/Unethical Behavior in Business
Samsung group
Unethical business case 
analysis of situation

Case study: ethical, unethical behavior in business

1. Case study: Ethical/Unethical Behavior in Business

Sauekenova Aruzhan
First year student
Specialty : tourism


Outline of
1) Introduction
- some facts about company
which i choose
2) Unethical case/problem
- causes & consequences
3) Solution
4) Conclusion

3. Samsung group

Samsung Group- the South Korean group of
companies, one of the largest chaebol, was
founded in 1938. On the world market is
known as a manufacturer of high-tech
components, including full-cycle production
of integrated circuits, telecommunications
equipment, household appliances, audio and
video devices. The main office of the
company is located in Suwon.

4. Unethical business case 

Unethical business case
The Samsung company, which is considered one of
the authorities in the global electronics market,
apparently somewhat hastened with the release of
the new flagship Galaxy Note 7. The rush left side
and the manufacturer and those users who rushed
to get a prestigious new.
The problem is the batteries that can explode.
Given that the battery capacity of this device is
solid, its explosion in the hands of the user or in
the pocket of clothing can cause serious harm to
health. In total, there were 35 cases when the
batteries of smartphones of this model exploded
or caught fire, although, probably, such cases are
much more.

5. analysis of situation

analysis of
The main reason for such problems
lies in the production marriage,
when the insulation layer between
the cells is thinner than necessary
and simply can not withstand the
temperature pressure. In addition,
these batteries are dangerous for
any physical impact, such as falls
and bumps.
Samsung shares after the
news fell by 2% and reduced
market capitalization by $ 7
In April of this year, the
international air transport
Association (IATA) even
imposed a ban on the
In this particular case, not only the
battery can be to blame, but also the transport of lithium-ion
batteries on passenger
new USB type-C port, which is
equipped with the Galaxy Note 7. Or flights, if they were not
rather, not even in the connector
installed in the device. The
itself, but in the use of low-quality
ban was temporary, but the
cables and chargers.
bell sounded quite clear.

6. Solution 

1)The purchase of these batteries
from Samsung SDI has been
temporarily stopped.
2)Although Samsung estimated the
probability of the defect to be
rather low (24 cases per million), it
decided to fully exchange all the
gadgets sold to date.

7. Conclusion

As you can see, batteries are the most sensitive
component of modern mobile devices, which requires
special attention. Once again, a few rules: do not allow
mechanical damage to the batteries, their overheating
and hypothermia, charge gadgets only proven power
supplies and cables, do not discharge the battery until
the device is turned off and at least once a month to
calibrate the battery. When performing these simple
tips you will hardly face the threat of explosion of the
battery of your smartphone, and it will last you as long
as possible.
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