Admiral Nelson
Horatio Nelson
Early Life
Early naval career
Lady Nelson
Genoa and the Fight of Ça Ira
The battle of the Nile
Emma Hamilton
The Battle of Copenhagen
The Battle of Trafalgar
The Death of Nelson
Return to England
Renowned Hero
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Admiral Nelson. Britannia Triumphant

1. Admiral Nelson


2. Horatio Nelson

Vice Admiral
the Viscount Nelson
29 September 1758 21 October1805
(aged 47)

3. Early Life

Nelson was born 1758.
His naval career began
1771, when he reported
to the third-rate HMS
Raisonable as an
ordinary seaman and
coxswain under his
uncle, Captain Maurice

4. Early naval career

Nelson was dispatched
to serve aboard the
West Indiamen of the
merchant shipping firm,
in order to gain
experience at sea.
He twice crossed
the Atlantic.

5. Lady Nelson

Nelson met Frances
“Fanny” Nisbet, a
young widow from a
Navis plantation
family. Nelson and
Nisbet were married
1787. Nelson
returned to England.

6. Genoa and the Fight of Ça Ira

Nelson joined the
other British ships
in attacking the
battered Ça Ira.
Nelson and the
fleet remained in
the Mediterranean
throughout the

7. Admiralty

Nelson wounded
during the battle of
Santa Cruz de
Tenerife. In England
he was met with a
hero’s welcome. His
wound earned him

8. The battle of the Nile

Nelson decided to
split his fleet into
squadrons rather
than forming it into
similar line parallel
to the enemy.

9. Emma Hamilton

Nelson was appointed
of the Mediterranean
fleet. During Neapolitan
campaign he met Emma
Hamilton, with whom
he had fallen deeply
in love.

10. The Battle of Copenhagen

The battle
three hours,
both Danish
British fleets

11. The Battle of Trafalgar

The combined French and Spanish
fleet numbered
33 ships sailed
into the English
and covered
the planned
of Britain.

12. The Death of Nelson

“Thank God I have done my duty”

13. Return to England

“We have lost more than we have gained”
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