Essential Question
The War of 1812
Election of 1808
War Hawks
Why Did Southerners and Westerners Support War?
Moving West
Native American Resistance
Treaty of Greenville
William Henry Harrison
Declaration of War
Quote, Madison
Invasion of Canada
Battles of War of 1812
Oliver Hazard Perry
Washington D.C.
Washington D.C.
Fort McHenry
Francis Scott Key
Battle of Lake Champlain
Battle of New Orleans
War of 1812
Treaty of Ghent
Convention of 1818
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Essential question. What were the causes and effects of the war of 1812?

1. Essential Question

What were the causes
and effects of the War of

2. The War of 1812

3. Election of 1808

James Madison
Charles Pinckney

4. War Hawks

Supported war with
Henry Clay (KY)
John Calhoun (SC)

5. Why Did Southerners and Westerners Support War?

British trade restrictions hurt farmers
Westerners blamed British for supporting
Indian uprisings

6. Moving West


7. Native American Resistance

Little Turtle – chief
of the Miami people
Washington sent
General Anthony
Battle of Fallen

8. Treaty of Greenville

August 1795
Indians gave up
land in Ohio,
Indiana, parts of
Illinois and Michigan

9. Tecumseh

Shawnee leader
Believed Native
Americans needed
to unite to protect
their lands

10. William Henry Harrison

Governor of Indiana
Won at the Battle of
Indian leaders fled
to Canada

11. Declaration of War

June 1812
President Madison
asked Congress to
declare war

12. Quote, Madison

“Thousands of American citizens, under the
safeguard of public law and of their
national flag, have been torn from . . .
Everything dear to them; have been
dragged on board ships of a foreign nation
to be exiled to the most distant and
deadly climes to risk their lives in battles
of their oppressors.”

13. Invasion of Canada

Attacked from
Detroit, Niagara
Falls, Hudson River
All failed

14. Battles of War of 1812

15. Oliver Hazard Perry

Leader of Lake Erie
Defeated the British
Control for U.S. of
Great Lakes

16. Washington D.C.

August 1814
British fleet
entered the city

17. Washington D.C.

Madison and other
leaders fled
British set fire to the
White House and
the Capitol
Dolly Madison saved
important papers

18. Fort McHenry

British marched
on Baltimore
Attacked Fort
Not successful

19. Francis Scott Key

He wrote The StarSpangled Banner
while watching this

20. Battle of Lake Champlain

September 1814
U.S. Victory

21. Battle of New Orleans

January 1815
British landed at
New Orleans
Victory for U.S.
forces under Andrew

22. War of 1812

23. Treaty of Ghent

Dec. 1814
Ended the War
of 1812
England must
honor U.S.

24. Convention of 1818

border from
Minnesota to the
Rocky Mountains set
at 49 degrees north
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