Interesting places of Edinburgh
The University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh Castle is the main place of interest in the city. It is very famous.
Holyroodhouse Palace
The National Gallery
The Royal Mile
The Scott Monument
Princes Street
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Edinburgh the capital of Scotland. Interesting places of Edinburgh


to the capital
of Scotland

2. Interesting places of Edinburgh

3. Edinburgh

One of the oldest
and most
beautiful cities in
the world. It has
a lot of
places to see.

4. The University of Edinburgh

The worldfamous
university was
founded after
1583. Still
stands today
as a symbol of
the knowledge
talent to be
found in the

5. Edinburgh Castle is the main place of interest in the city. It is very famous.

6. Holyroodhouse Palace

• Holyroodhouse Palace is the place where the Queen
lives when she comes to Scotland. The palace is
closed when the Queen is in Edinburgh.

7. The National Gallery

• The National Gallery of Scotland has got paintings
by many famous artists.
• There is also the National Gallery of Modern Art.


The Royal Museum is
interesting with its
Science Zone.

9. The Royal Mile

A line of streets,which
runs from the Castle
the Holyrood Palace,
called the Royal Mile.

10. The Scott Monument

A monument is
200 feet high rises
between green
trees. They call it a
poem of stone.
Inside it there is a
marble statue of
the writer, and of
his favourite dog.

11. Princes Street

Princes Street is
the most
beautiful street
of the New Town
(one part of
Edinburgh). It
has a lot of
gardens on one
side and it is

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